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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 142 - The Hardworking Lin Yu  

Chapter 142: The Hardworking Lin Yu

Since Lin Cheng said that he had a solution, Ji Zhen did not stay any longer.

If the reporters caught Ji Zhen at the scene, the topic would probably develop in another direction.

Not long after Ji Zhen left, Lin Cheng personally pushed Lin Yu out of the wheelchair.

The reporters immediately came forward and surrounded the Lin family.

Of course, all the cameras were aimed at Lin Yu.

Lin Yu was sitting in a wheelchair. Her right leg was wrapped in plaster and bandages. She looked seriously injured.

Lin Cheng gestured for the reporters to quieten down. After everyone was in position, he finally spoke.

“My daughter recently fell and injured herself while practicing her singing and dancing skills.”

“I didn’t want to attract too much attention when I came to the hospital today. I didn’t expect everyone to be so well-informed!”

As Lin Cheng spoke, he looked around at the reporters, but there was no reprimand on his face.

The reporters had a good impression of Lin Cheng’s calm attitude.

At the same time, they were more concerned about the injured Lin Yu.

“Miss Lin stood out in the preliminary round and was recognized as a talented contestant. I didn’t expect her to practice so diligently in private.”

“I wonder what kind of surprise Miss Lin is preparing for us this time?”

Lin Yu lowered her eyes shyly. “I don’t have any talent. I earned it through hard work!”

“I don’t think it’s a surprise. I just hope that I won’t let everyone down and can show everyone my best performance!”

Lin Yu’s words were sincere and humble, making the group of reporters nod and praise her.

Lin Cheng nodded in satisfaction.

Wang Lan looked at Lin Yu with heartache, looking like a loving mother.

Some reporters who were not bewitched by the scene in front of them recalled that more than a month ago, when Lin Yun was hospitalized, the Lin family seemed to be in a completely different situation!

… .

Lin Yu successfully returned to the Lin family and didn’t come out after entering the room.

Lin Cheng flipped through the online coverage released and watched in satisfaction as the reporter fell over one another speaking for Lin Yu.

The Ji family wisely did not say anything.

Wang Lan sat on the sofa and sighed.

Lin Cheng finally couldn’t take it anymore and glared at Wang Lan. “Why are you sighing?”

Wang Lan was shocked by Lin Cheng’s roar and immediately froze on the spot.

Lin Cheng immediately felt frustrated. He threw the tablet in his hand on the coffee table and returned to the study.

Wang Lan sat alone on the spot. Her heart ached for Lin Yu’s injury, but she also felt sad about Lin Cheng who had been throwing fits at her for no reason recently.

… .

When Ji Zhen returned to the Ji family, she entered Ji Rou’s office.

Ji Rou was frowning as she reviewed a contract that had just been handed over.

Ji Zhen found a comfortable seat and sat down, not daring to disturb Ji Rou, who was focused on her work.

After a while, Ji Rou turned to look at Ji Zhen. “Brother, I can’t stand that Miss Lin!”

Ji Zhen curled his lips and said, “I can tell!”

Ji Rou leaned back in her chair in frustration. “You know my temper!”

“Firstly, I can’t stand pretentiousness, and secondly, I can’t stand unreasonable people!”

“Miss Lin has all of them!”

“If you didn’t insist that I teach her, I really don’t want to suffer doing so!”

Ji Zhen heard Ji Rou’s complaints and knew that her sister had been holding it in for a long time.

Ji Zhen walked to Ji Rou’s side and placed her hands on her shoulders to massage her.

“Don’t worry! I’ll tell CEO Lin!”

“Although our Ji family will suffer a huge loss if we lose the Lin family, I can’t let my biological sister suffer such a huge grievance!”

Ji Rou glanced sideways at Ji Zhen and said, “You don’t have to be sarcastic with me. I know what the Lin family means to the Ji family.”

“But Lin Yu is not a promising talent. It’s just a waste of time.”

“If Lin Yu can’t win the championship, Lin Cheng might come and find trouble with you!”

“Why don’t I take this opportunity to get rid of this trouble!”

Ji Zhen thought for a moment and wanted to put up an argument, but Ji Rou spoke again.

“In my opinion, if the Lin family really wants to stand out in this competition, Lin Yu probably won’t be able to!”

“However, the previous daughter of the Lin family, Lin Yun, is a good candidate! It’s just that her mind is probably not on these competitions…”

Ji Rou couldn’t help but sigh.