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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 141 - Solving Trouble  

Chapter 141: Solving Trouble

Wang Lan didn’t know how to answer Lin Cheng’s question.

Lin Cheng sighed thinking about the problems his daughter caused.

While his heart ached when Lin Yu was admitted to the hospital, he was also dismayed that Ji Rou would definitely not teach Lin Yu diligently in the future.

Lin Cheng immediately walked to the hospital corridor and instructed his assistant to suppress the media as soon as possible and not let the news of Lin Yu being hospitalized spread.

However, media reporters were all-pervasive.

Moreover, Lin Yu had been hospitalized twice in a day, both in the emergency department. How could she not be noticed by the media?

As expected, in less than half an hour, the hospital was surrounded by reporters.

Ji Zhen also knew that the situation was not good, but it was his biological sister who caused it. It was not appropriate for him to escape now.

Lin Cheng paced in the hospital corridor angrily.

Wang Lan sat on a chair outside the emergency room with an aggrieved expression as she watched Lin Cheng walk around.

Finally, the doctor emerged from the emergency room.

She walked up to Wang Lan and said simply, “The patient’s wound has been treated. We’ve also done all the tests you requested.”

“Because the patient did not injure her brain, we do not suggest that the patient continues to be hospitalized for observation.”

“Of course, if you think it’s necessary, we can apply for another consultation room for the patient to stay for observation for the night.”

When Wang Lan heard the doctor’s words, she glanced in Lin Cheng’s direction.

Lin Cheng gritted his teeth fiercely. “What’s there to observe! Don’t you find it embarrassing!”

After Lin Cheng finished speaking, he rushed into the emergency room and roared at Lin Yu, “Who asked you to go to the Ji family today?”

Lin Yu was also filled with anger. Without thinking, she shouted back, “I didn’t make a scene!”

“I just went to reason with her, and she threw me off like this!”

Lin Yu gritted her teeth.

If she hadn’t been careless, how could she have let Ji Rou succeed?!

At this moment, Wang Lan rushed in.

She grabbed Lin Yu’s hand and said, “Xiaoyu, how can you speak to your father like that!”

With Wang Lan’s reminder, Lin Yu realized that her words were too intense.

She retracted her fierce gaze slightly and lowered her head to Lin Cheng. “Dad, I was just anxious…”

“There’s news from the production team that they want to change the rules of the competition, but Teacher Ji can’t be reached!”

“I’m in a hurry. I just want to make things clear to her in person!”

“Who knew that not only did she not answer the phone, she actually chased me away after seeing me!”

Lin Cheng listened to Lin Yu’s explanation and felt his head explode with pain.

He took a deep breath and said to Lin Yu, “If you encounter anything in the future, tell Dad and Mom. We will settle it for you!”

Lin Yu’s head was still lowered as she twisted her hands together and nodded. “I understand.”

Lin Yu’s obedience made Lin Cheng sigh. “Alright! That’s all for today! I’ll deal with the Ji family.”

“Right now, we have to get Xiaoyu to avoid those reporters outside and go home as soon as possible!”

Wang Lan frowned and thought for a while, but she could not think of any good ideas.

Lin Yu rolled her eyes and looked up at Lin Cheng. “What if I accidentally fell because I was practicing dancing?”

Hearing Lin Yu’s words, Lin Cheng’s eyes lit up.

He thought for a moment before turning around and walking out of the emergency room.

Wang Lan held Lin Yu’s hand with one hand and smiled. “Why is our Xiaoyu so smart!”

Lin Yu smiled and felt even more smug.

If this news was really announced by the media, then Lin Yu would be labeled as diligent and studious!

This way, the outside world would know that not only was Lin Yu talented, but she was also very hardworking!

Lin Cheng walked out of the emergency room and saw Ji Zhen walking forward.

“CEO Lin, our Ji family should be responsible for today’s matter. The reporters asked me to…”

Before Ji Zhen could finish, Lin Cheng had already revealed a faint smile. “CEO Ji, don’t worry. Our Lin family will think of a way to resolve this matter.”

“As for Miss Ji, I’ll have to trouble CEO Ji!”

Hearing Lin Cheng’s words, Ji Zhen was a little surprised.

How could Lin Cheng still deal with such a situation so easily?

It seemed that Lin Cheng’s public relations skills were not exaggerated!