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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 140 - Lin Yu Was Beaten

Chapter 140: Lin Yu Was Beaten

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Ji Rou finally couldn’t take it anymore!

“Shut up!” Ji Rou roared, instantly shocking Lin Yu.

Lin Yu stared blankly and fell silent.

Ji Rou took a deep breath and said, “I’ll go to Uncle Lin today and tell him that I can’t teach you anymore! Ask him to find someone else!”

“Now, please leave my company!”

Ji Rou walked to the door and pulled it open.

Lin Yu did not expect Ji Rou to have such a reaction. “What do you mean?”

“Get out!” Ji Rou said simply.

“You!” Lin Yu looked at Ji Rou in shock, as if she didn’t expect Ji Rou to treat her like this!

A week after Ji Rou became her music teacher, Lin Yu figured out the Ji family’s background.

The Ji family was just a small family that relied on the Lin family to survive.

The head of the Ji family was Ji Rou’s elder brother, Ji Zhen.

Lin Yu never expected Ji Rou to dare to offend the Ji family’s biggest client!

Lin Yu was so angry that her face turned red.

At that moment, there was a commotion at the conference room door. The group of onlookers scattered and fled.

Ji Zhen stood at the door of the conference room and saw Ji Rou’s ashen face.

His gaze swept to Lin Yu in the conference room before turning to Ji Rou.

Ji Zhen looked at Ji Rou guiltily, making her feel a little uncomfortable.

“Xiao Rou, you guys are…” Ji Zhen asked softly, afraid that he would anger her precious sister.

He knew Ji Rou’s temper.

If not for his repeated requests, Ji Rou would not have been interested in wasting this time to teach the daughter of the Lin family.

Ji Zhen repeatedly promised that the class would not affect Ji Rou’s work and life before Ji Rou reluctantly agreed.

Who knew that such a thing would happen now!

Ji Rou looked at Ji Zhen, the anger in her eyes not fading. “You handle this! I’ll leave first!”

Before Ji Zhen could speak, Ji Rou had already walked out.

At this moment, Lin Yu ran after Ji Rou and grabbed her arm.

“Don’t go! I’m not done!”

Ji Zhen was so shocked that he almost screamed.

Everyone looked at Lin Yu in horror.

In the next moment, Ji Rou did not disappoint and threw Lin Yu over her shoulder onto the floor of the company corridor.

Ji Zhen’s hurriedly stretched out hands couldn’t support Lin Yu in time.

Ji Rou glanced at Lin Yu on the ground, her eyes shining.

Ji Zhen bent down slightly and sighed. Alright, his sister had vented her anger! However, how was he going to deal with Miss Lin who was lying on the ground?

Ji Zhen quickly gave Ji Rou a look to tell her to leave quickly. Ji Rou turned around and left without looking at Lin Yu.

Ji Zhen quickly helped Lin Yu, who was clearly stunned, up.

She had never thought that Ji Rou would use such a move!

Ji Zhen stood at the side with a smile as he apologized to Lin Yu and instructed his assistant to quickly arrange for a car to bring Miss Lin to the hospital for a checkup.

Before Lin Yu could lose her temper, she was pushed away by Ji Zhen and the others.

Ji Zhen accompanied Lin Yu to check her body and personally sent her back to the Lin family.

When Wang Lan heard that Lin Yu was injured, she trembled in fear.

After checking Lin Yu’s condition inside and out, Wang Lan still insisted that Lin Yu be hospitalized for two days.

Ji Zhen didn’t dare to refuse and accompanied Wang Lan and Lin Yu to the hospital.

When Lin Cheng received the news, he rushed to the hospital.

Ji Zhen waited outside the consultation room until he met Lin Cheng and apologized sincerely again.

Lin Cheng asked for the reason. Ji Zhen used the excuse that he didn’t see the entire process to get her assistant to explain.

“Miss Lin came to the Ji family today and asked to see CEO Ji,” the assistant said sincerely.

“CEO Ji never liked to delay work because of personal matters, so she quarreled with Miss Lin in the conference room.”

“Why did Xiaoyu go to the Ji family?” Lin Cheng turned around and asked Wang Lan.

Wang Lan was stunned for a moment before saying, “Xiaoyu received a notice from the production team today and wants to discuss the class arrangements with Teacher Ji.”

“But she can’t get through to Teacher Ji’s phone, so…”

Lin Cheng’s expression instantly turned ugly. “So? So she went to disturb Miss Ji’s work during office hours?”