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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 129 - Lin Yun's Bracelet   

Chapter 129: Lin Yun’s Bracelet


Lin Yu sat at the side and glanced at Zheng Yu from time to time.

Zheng Yu was tall and fair and his eyes looked very elegant, giving off a refined feeling. Even without the Zheng family’s background, Zheng Yu was probably very popular outside.

However, when she thought of how close Zheng Yu was to Lin Yun, Lin Yu felt her heart tighten. She secretly gritted her teeth and swore to snatch Zheng Yu into her hands.


With the Lin family’s help, why should she need to snatch? Zheng Yu had obediently delivered himself to her door!

As Lin Yu thought about it, her lips curled into a smile. She looked at Zheng Yu as if she was looking at prey that was about to be obtained.

Zheng Yu’s thoughts were not as complicated as Lin Yu’s.

He came to the Lin family this time because he wanted to use this opportunity to meet this legendary daughter of the Lin family.

Secondly, he wanted to find an opportunity to chat with Lin Yun.

Previously, Lin Yun had used various reasons to avoid him.

At that time, he thought that the two of them would be a couple sooner or later, so he did not force it.

Now, he wanted to see if Lin Yun would become more attentive because she was about to lose her “ex-husband”.

After all, with Lin Yun’s current status, it was probably very difficult for her to find such an outstanding fiancé!

Zheng Yu subconsciously looked around to see if he could find Lin Yun.

Seeing this, Lin Yu asked, “Are you looking for something?”

Zheng Yu was distracted by her search and didn’t think too much about it. He subconsciously replied, “Lin Yun.”

Lin Yu was stunned for a moment. Zheng Yu immediately realized the problem and panicked.

Before he could say anything, Lin Yu had already spoken.

“You’re looking for Sister? She moved to a house in the suburbs a few days ago to recuperate.”

“She has just been discharged from the hospital. There are too many people at home. Dad and Mom are worried that she won’t be able to rest well, so they arranged for her to rest in a house with fewer people.”

Zheng Yu quickly nodded and replied, “I see…”

“If you want to see her, you can go to the house over there. Do you need me to write down the address for you?” Lin Yu looked at Zheng Yu innocently.

Zheng Yu hurriedly shook her head and waved her hand. “No need, no need! I was just asking.”

Lin Yu nodded and didn’t say anything else.

Zheng Yu knew that he had said something he shouldn’t have said, but it was too late to take it back. He had long heard that Lin Yu, the eldest daughter, seemed to be ostracized in the Lin family. Looking at Lin Yu’s innocent appearance, it was really possible.

Zheng Yu couldn’t help but frown. Thinking of Lin Yun’s arrogant appearance in the past, he immediately felt a little annoyed.

“Actually, I’m not looking for Lin Yun. I’m just…” Zheng Yu thought for a moment and decided to tell the truth.

“I just want to return some things to her,” Zheng Yu said and sighed helplessly.

Although Zheng Yu and Lin Yun were not engaged yet, after so many years, let alone the parents of the two families, even outsiders had long regarded the two of them as a couple.

Back then, Zheng Song had obtained a good piece of jade and made a pair of bracelets for Lin Yun.

Although Lin Yun refused, Zheng Song insisted that Zheng Yu give it to Lin Yun. Zheng Yu was helpless.

However, on one hand, he could not persuade Lin Yun, and on the other hand, he was afraid that Zheng Song would think that he was useless.

Therefore, this bracelet that should have belonged to Lin Yun had been left in Zheng Yu’s hands.

From the looks of it, the two of them would probably not have much interaction in the future. In that case, it was better to return the bracelet to Lin Yun.

Lin Yu naturally didn’t know what Zheng Yu was referring to and thought that it was a love token between the two of them.

Lin Yu’s eyes turned cold as she lowered her eyes to hide the jealousy in them.

After a while, she raised her head and looked at Zheng Yu with a smile. “I wonder what it is? Can I take a look?”

Although Zheng Yu hesitated for a moment, he still took out a brocade box and handed it to Lin Yu.

Lin Yu opened the brocade box and a pair of emerald bracelets appeared.

Although Lin Yu was not proficient in jade, the clear color and luster of the jade made Lin Yu guess that this pair of bracelets must be expensive.

She closed the lid of the brocade box with some regret. “What a beautiful bracelet…”

“Unfortunately… I won’t be their owner.”

Hearing Lin Yu’s words, Zheng Yu’s heart tightened.

Zheng Yu couldn’t bear to see Lin Yu so sad.