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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 123 - New Mission

Chapter 123: New Mission

As a talent show that did not receive much attention at first, there were naturally fewer investors.

However, as the new Masked King gradually became a hot topic of public opinion, more and more people wanted to invest in the show.

Jin Yan analyzed the pros and cons of the investment for Lin Yun and sorted out the funds.

According to Jin Yan’s plan, they would definitely be able to reap a considerable profit if they invested a portion of their current funds into the new Masked King.

However, compared to the time Lin Yun requested, the return on investment might take longer.

Lin Yun looked at Jin Yan’s investment plan. It was indeed a good investment.

However, the time was not right…

“Let’s wait a little longer!” Lin Yun said simply without explaining the reason.

Jin Yan hesitated for a moment before deciding to ask for the exact reason.

After all, if he missed such a good investment project, it would be too late for regrets!

Seeing that Jin Yan was very persistent in his opinion, Lin Yun’s impression of him increased.

After all, someone who could really think for his employer was what she really needed.

However, Lin Yun did not intend to tell him the truth. After all, telling Jin Yan that she knew what would happen in the future would probably scare him.

“I think the new Masked King has been on a roll recently. I’m afraid many investors will participate,” Lin Yun said simply.

“Why don’t we wait a little longer and see if there’s a more suitable opportunity?”

When Jin Yan heard Lin Yun’s words, although he felt a little regretful, he still listened to her instructions.

Lin Yun nodded in satisfaction, but she did not tell Jin Yan that there would be a drastic change in the investment direction of the new Masked King.

Because of the scandal of the new Masked King behind the scenes and the many judges who were bribed, the reputation of the show plummeted.

And a few of the investors who were already in turmoil took advantage of the chaos to withdraw their investments.

Everything had happened in the past month.

This was also the reason why Lin Yun let Jin Yan earn 30 million in a month.

After confirming his recent investment plan, Jin Yan did not stay any longer and rushed back to continue his investment.

Lin Yun stayed in the residence and prepared to complete her new mission order.

“Luna, are you sure someone wants to destroy the Zheng Corporation’s security system?” Lin Yun entered a message in the dialog box.

“Yes! It’s very clear that the Zheng Corporation’s security system will be paralyzed between 8 and 10 tonight,” Luna quickly replied.

“You want me to do it?” Lin Yun asked.

The other party clearly didn’t know Dark One’s true identity, but he suddenly attacked the Zheng Corporation. Could it be that the Zheng Corporation had offended someone?

However, Zheng Song had always been serious and fair. He was a rare good person among the big clans.

Why would anyone want to scheme against such a person?

The other party had asked Dark One for a mission because of his ability to destroy the Lu Corporation’s security system.

However, they didn’t know that not only could Dark One destroy the security system, but she could also monitor the people who attacked during this period.

Lin Yun paralyzed the Zheng Corporation’s security system within the stipulated time.

Although the people from the Zheng Corporation quickly discovered the problem, they were helpless.

Lin Yun did not stay idle. The dozens of red dots on the computer screen kept flashing.

Soon, a white dot sneaked into the monitor.

“It’s here!” Lin Yun stared excitedly at the small white dot. A few red dots quickly surrounded it.

The little white dot clearly didn’t realize that it had been surrounded by surveillance cameras and was still searching for something in the spatial map designed by Lin Yun.

Soon, the little white dot seemed to have found what it wanted and quickly retreated.

The few red dots that surrounded it did not chase far before retreating.

Immediately after, an inconspicuous black dot secretly followed the white dot and disappeared from the screen.

Lin Yun dusted off her hands and waved at the computer screen. “Bye-bye! See you next time!”

Without turning off the computer, Lin Yun walked out of the door and looked for Aunt Xu.

Aunt Xu was instructing Aunt Zhang and Xiao Xia to move into their new house.

Although Lin Yun had instructed that there was no need to tidy up too quickly, Aunt Xu was still caught off guard by the fact that there were guests on the first day of her stay.

Seeing that Aunt Xu was nowhere to be seen, Lin Yun called out softly.

The empty house actually echoed.