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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 121 - Moving Away  

Chapter 121: Moving Away

Lin Yun deliberately suppressed her strength to avoid excessive exposure.

She had saved herself from the media’s attention and even other contestants’ schemes.

Lin Yun had blocked many schemes in the entertainment industry for Lin Yu in her previous life.

With Lin Yu’s domineering personality, if not for Lin Yun’s constant efforts to resolve problems, she probably wouldn’t have been able to survive in the entertainment industry for more than two years.

As for Lin Yu, she had been famous in the entertainment industry for more than ten years. Other than relying on Lin Yun, Lin Yun had also helped her arrange all her interpersonal relationships.

Lin Yu had never admitted this.

She had always thought that it was her extraordinary strength that kept her in an invincible position.

Now that she thought about it, if she could see Lin Yu fall from grace, it would really be satisfying!

… .

Fu Heng played the recording of Ming Yi’s competition for Lu Chen, but he was not interested because Ming Yi, who was dressed in black from top to bottom, had nothing to show.

Ming Yi had suppressed extraordinary strength but this was sensed by the sharp Fu Heng.

However, this black widow-like outfit made Fu Heng feel a little disgusted.

Lu Chen kept staring at Ming Yi, who was singing softly on the screen.

Her voice was clear, but there was a hint of weariness in it.

It was the feeling of despair towards the world that came from the bottom of her heart.


The song she chose was “Forget” from the music library, but she sang with a desolate feeling that she wanted to forget and couldn’t.

Lu Chen listened to Ming Yi’s voice and stared at the face covered by the black veil.

He felt a sense of déjà vu from Ming Yi, but he was not sure of his guess.

At the very least, there was a huge gap between Ming Yi and that bright girl.

And would this Ming Yi and “Dark One” be the same person?

… .

After Lin Yun was discharged from the hospital again, Wang Lan seemed to have the intention to avoid Lin Yun and sent her to the Lin family’s residence in the distant suburbs.

“Xiao Yun hasn’t been in good health recently. The old residence is humid, so it’s not conducive to her recovery,” Wang Lan looked at Lin Yun and said softly.

“Besides, something often happened to her recently. I think she might not be compatible with this old residence.”

“Why don’t we send her to a residence in the distant suburbs to stay for a while so that she can rest peacefully?”

As Wang Lan spoke, she asked for Lin Cheng’s opinion, but she had no intention of asking for Lin Yun’s.

Lin Yun lowered her head slightly and quietly waited for Lin Cheng’s reply.

“Okay, that’s it then! Xiao Yun can rest well over there. Let Aunt Xu accompany you!” Lin Cheng glanced at Wang Lan before turning to Lin Yun.

He thought for a moment before continuing, “Dad will arrange a driver for you and two security guards. You can stay there in peace.”

“You can choose other servants and them along.”

After Lin Cheng finished speaking, he looked at Lin Yun, as if waiting for her response.

After a while, just as Wang Lan thought that Lin Yun was going to refuse, Lin Yun looked up at Lin Cheng. “I’ll listen to Dad.”

She had no use for him now.

Not only that, her existence also caused the Lin family to fall into the vortex of public opinion.

Instead of letting such a “scourge” stay in the Lin family, Lin Cheng naturally couldn’t wait for her to leave as soon as possible.

Moreover, Zheng Yu had already returned. They must have hoped to isolate her from Zheng Yu so that Lin Yu could have more opportunities to get close to Zheng Yu.

Seeing that Lin Yun did not react, Wang Lan and Lin Cheng heaved a sigh of relief.

Although Lin Yun would not reject their decision, the Lin family was in chaos. If Lin Yun interfered again, it would be difficult to deal with her!

After Lin Cheng made the arrangements, Wang Lan instructed the driver to send Lin Yun to a residence in the distant suburbs the next day.

“Get Xiao Xia and the others to pack the things here and send them to you. You and Aunt Xu can go over first!”

“If you need anything in the future, just tell Dad and Mom. They will arrange for someone to send it to you as soon as possible! Don’t worry!”

Wang Lan instructed.

In other words, she was saying, “Don’t come back! We’ll agree to anything you ask! As long as you don’t come back!”

Lin Yun didn’t mind. She was already prepared to leave the Lin family.

Although they had only moved to the distant suburbs, they were temporarily out of Lin Cheng and Wang Lan’s control.

As for Zheng Yu, Lin Yun had already made a decision.

Since Zheng Yu and Lin Yu would eventually get together, she might as well give them this chance.

However… she still had to collect some interest!