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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 112 - Set Up   

Chapter 112: Set Up


After Lin Yun and Feng Hao left the hospital, she received a call from Dr. Cheng.

After saying goodbye to Feng Hao, Lin Yun waited at a cafe near the hospital.

“Miss Lin, sorry to keep you waiting!” Dr. Cheng quickly walked over and sat down opposite Lin Yun.

“Dr. Cheng, you said that you have something important to tell me. What is it?” Lin Yun asked curiously.

“Miss Lin, the samples you sent for testing recently have all detected the same spotted poison,” Dr. Cheng said solemnly.

“However, this person controlled the dosage very well. It won’t cause the poison to flare up all of a sudden. If you hadn’t overdosed last time, no one would have suspected it in the short term.”

“Why couldn’t we confirm what it was at the beginning?” Lin Yun asked.

At that time, the medicinal dregs she asked Aunt Xu to retrieve had indeed been detected as poisonous, but Dr. Cheng did not tell her what it was.

He only asked her to bring some things from the entrance for continuous testing after she returned home.

Today, Dr. Cheng suddenly sent a message, which surprised Lin Yun.

Dr. Cheng pushed up his glasses and continued, “There was indeed plaque poison in the first dregs, but there was plaque poison in that prescription, so I can’t be sure if it’s because of the prescription’s dosage or something else…”


“A few later drug dregs and food samples also detected plaque. This can confirm that someone deliberately put this poison into your food.”

“Have you felt anything unusual these days?” Dr. Cheng asked worriedly.

“According to your instructions, other than the food I eat with my family, I choose to eat outside,” Lin Yun replied cautiously.

Only then did Dr. Cheng nod in relief. “I helped you identify the poison, but I can’t confirm who poisoned you. Do you have any thoughts?”

“Can this poison be cured?” Lin Yun seemed to have thought of something.

Dr. Cheng looked at Lin Yun warily.

He felt that this young lady had some risky thoughts and really dared to implement them.

He had to be cautious about her questions.

Seeing Dr. Cheng hesitate, Lin Yun decided to tell him her thoughts.

“This person has been playing dirty behind my back. It’s not easy for me to catch her.”

“It’s better to pretend that it happened and make her lower her guard so that we can catch her as soon as possible.”

“That’s too risky!” Dr. Cheng shook his head in disapproval.

Lin Yun still insisted on her opinion. “If we let her go like this, who knows what she will do again!”

“Aren’t you going to hand it over to the police?” Dr. Cheng asked.

After all, Lin Yun had not chosen to call the police from the beginning.

Dr. Cheng couldn’t guarantee that this matter wouldn’t alert the enemy, but at the very least, it could intimidate the other party.

Lin Yun sighed helplessly. “It’s not that I don’t trust the police, but if it’s really related to the Lin family, they will probably think of another way to resolve it.”

Dr. Cheng thought for a moment before nodding.

Indeed, if this matter concerned the Lin family, the police probably wouldn’t have rashly decided on the case.

After all, the Lin family had a different reputation now. If there was a slight mistake, more than half of Sea City’s capital chain might encounter problems.

It even caused chaos in Sea City.

The police did not dare to make any judgment.

At that time, Lin Yun would be pushed to the center of attention, and her situation would be even more dangerous.

“In that case, be careful. Contact me anytime if there’s anything,” Dr. Cheng said solemnly.

Lin Yun looked at Dr. Cheng gratefully. She didn’t expect Dr. Cheng to do this for her.

She remembered that in her previous life, she had once been annoyed by Dr. Cheng’s “nosy” behavior.

Unexpectedly, although he did not say it, he had already seen through many things!

After separating from Dr. Cheng, Lin Yun quickly returned to the Lin family.

In order to lure the murderer out, Lin Yun still needed to make some preparations!

Just as Lin Yun entered the hall, she saw Aunt Xu rushing out. “Miss, where did you go? I’ve been looking for you for a long time!”

“Aunt Xu? What’s wrong?” Lin Yun rarely saw Aunt Xu so flustered and couldn’t help but become nervous.

Aunt Xu looked around before holding Lin Yun’s hand. “Miss, there’s a thief in your room again!”