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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 102 - Foreign Affairs Hotel  

Chapter 102: Foreign Affairs Hotel

Lin Yu lowered her head and remained silent. After a long time, she spoke.

“Who is Zheng Yu?”

Lin Yu asked with a frown. Mimi and the others were stunned.

In the next moment, Ni Tang said, “Have you not seen Zheng Yu?”

“I heard that the Lin family and the Zheng family have already arranged a marriage. You actually haven’t seen him?” Mimi asked in disbelief.

Lin Yu shook her head and didn’t say anything.

During this period of time, Lin Yu was busy integrating into the new environment. How could she have the time to pay attention to the marriage with the Zheng family?

Back then, Wang Lan told her that she had arranged a new marriage for Lin Yun.

The Zheng family’s marriage was to be given to Lin Yu, the real daughter.

However, ever since Lin Yu returned home, she had never met Young Master Zheng.

Lin Yu still didn’t know what her fiancé looked like.

Seeing Lin Yu shake her head, Mimi quickly went forward and said with a gossipy expression, “Zheng Yu is the most good-looking among the few young masters I’ve seen!”

“He has fair skin and is tall. He looks scholarly and especially handsome!”Mimi said with an intoxicated expression.

Li Ting couldn’t help but pat her. “Don’t be infatuated! That’s Lin Yun’s fiancé!”

Hearing this, Lin Yu couldn’t help but frown.

Ni Tang immediately saw through it and hurriedly said, “Aiyo, I only said that the Zheng family and the Lin family are engaged. Nobody has named the parties!”

Hearing Ni Tang’s words, Mimi and Li Ting fell silent.

Lin Yu still didn’t say anything, but the faint smile on her face made it easy to read her thoughts.

Lin Yun wasn’t at the scene that night. If she was…

Fu Heng carried his luggage out of the airport and stood by the roadside in a daze. “Eh? Where are they?”

“Didn’t we agree for them to pick me up? Why isn’t anyone here?”

Fu Heng took out his phone and called Lu Chen.

Lu Chen glanced at his phone and pressed the answer button. “Speak!”

“Third Brother? Where are you? Where’s the car? I’m already here!” Fu Heng said anxiously.

He bought the earliest flight and rushed back. Was this how his dear third brother greeted him?

Lu Chen nodded and said, “Something came up.”

Fu Heng looked at his phone in disbelief before continuing, “Something cropped up at the last minute? You left your cute brother at the airport alone?”

Lu Chen nodded and said, “I’m hanging up.”

Hearing the beeping sound from the phone, Fu Heng glared at the phone again with a speechless expression.

Ning Kun sat in the front passenger seat and lamented Fu Heng’s tragic encounter.

He kindly sent a message to Fu Heng’s assistant and asked him to rush to pick up his boss.

Lu Chen’s car followed Lin Yun and Kent’s car all the way to the largest foreign affairs hotel in the city.

This place specialized in receiving foreign researchers and non-political public officials.

Lin Yun and Kent got out of the car and walked all the way to the hotel door.

Lu Chen stared at the two of them until they disappeared on the other side of the door.

Ning Kun glanced at Lu Chen nervously, hesitating if he should speak.

Finally, when Ning Kun felt that he was about to be frozen by the cold air around him, he said, “CEO Lu, do you need me to go in and take a look?”

Lu Chen remained silent for a long time.

Ning Kun didn’t know how to move.

Finally, Lu Chen replied indifferently.

In the next second, Ning Kun opened the car door and rushed out.

His actions were done in one go without any hesitation.

He dashed to the entrance of the hotel and glanced at the reception sign at the door. Just as he was about to walk in, a few more people appeared behind him.

“Kent and the others are already here! Why are you dawdling!” A tall man who looked to be in his twenties walked quickly past Ning Kun.

Behind her, a little girl with a ponytail and a backpack on her back said coquettishly, “I just want to dress up well so that I don’t embarrass my country!”

The tall man looked back at her and snorted before pushing open the hotel door.

The little girl slipped under the man’s arm and turned around playfully. “Thank you!”

Ning Kun followed closely behind the two of them.

Lin Yun and the foreign man were still sitting in the hall. When they saw the tall man and the small girl, they came up to them.

When she saw Ning Kun behind the two of them, Lin Yun was stunned for a moment, but she still nodded at Ning Kun.

Ning Kun did not expect to be discovered as soon as he entered. He grinned awkwardly and quickly walked towards the front desk.