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Rebirth: The Fake Heiress Stuns The World!

Chapter 2 - Tragic Death

Chapter 2: Tragic Death

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

After a hellish experience, Lin Yun wrapped her coat tightly around her body, trying to make herself feel warm.

As she walked along the streets, news would occasionally roll in the display window.

“Miss Lin Yu and Mr. Zheng Yu’s wedding is imminent!”

“The Lin Group has officially cut off all ties with their adopted daughter, Lin Yun!”

Occasionally, the sorrowful cries of Wang Lan, her adoptive mother, could be heard from the television, lamenting about having raised an ingrate for more than twenty years!

These sounds, in Lin Yun’s ears, gradually numbed her piercing pain. She walked aimlessly on the streets, from dusk to midnight.

It was as though she wanted to continue walking like this until she reached a place she didn’t know.

Right at this moment, a beam of light suddenly lit up behind her.

Lin Yun turned around and saw a car driving towards her with its headlights on.

There were very few cars in this place. When cars drove here, they would usually light up their headlights and illuminate the road ahead.

Lin Yun tactfully moved aside to avoid obstructing the car.

But in the next moment, the car suddenly accelerated and sped towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun watched in shock as the car sped towards her.

When the car was only ten meters away from her, someone suddenly rushed out from the other side.

Before Lin Yun could see who it was, she was pushed to the other side of the road.

Bang! The person who pushed her was sent flying by the speeding car.

Lin Yun stood rooted to the spot in a daze. In the next instant, her gaze was drawn to a shiny object on the man’s chest.

Lin Yun came back to her senses and immediately realized who that person was…

She screamed and rushed towards the person who was knocked away. “Lu Chen! No!”

Before she could reach Lu Chen, the headlights of the car flashed before her eyes again.

In the next instant, Lin Yun heard a loud crash.

She felt her body suddenly rise into the air and then fall heavily to the ground.

She could feel warm blood flowing out of her body.

Her eyes were blurry from the blood as she looked at the pair of stilettos and slender legs that were stepping out of the car.

A scene flashed across Lin Yun’s mind…

“Sis! Do these shoes look nice?” Lin Yu picked up a pair of exquisite diamond-studded stilettos from the display rack and looked at Lin Yun.

“Miss Lin has good taste! This pair of shoes is the only one in the country!”

“There is only one other pair overseas, and it is owned by the top celebrity Amanda.”

That pair of beautiful shoes appeared before Lin Yun.

Lin Yun wanted to raise her head to look at the owner of the shoes, but she found that she could not move at all.

The bloody foam in her mouth muted her even if she opened her mouth.

Lin Yun felt her blood gushing out of her body.

Her blood spread to the beautiful shoes not far away.

The owner of the shoes didn’t seem to care at all. She walked over to Lin Yun step by step in a pool of blood.

She squatted down and whispered into Lin Yun’s ear, “My dear sister, you look surprised to see me!”

Lin Yun struggled to look at the smiling face in front of her.

At this moment, that face was no longer as innocent and pure as before. Instead, it was as bloodthirsty and vicious as a devil…

“You, how could you…” Every time Lin Yun said a word, blood foamed out of her mouth.

She could not understand nor imagine!

Lin Yu reached out her hand and gently dipped it into the blood on the ground. She sniffed it.

“The blood of a lowly fisherman like you has occupied my identity for 20 years!”

“What’s wrong? The world has finally discovered your evil smell. I’m here to help you escape. Shouldn’t you thank me?”

“Or… do you think you deserve to live in this world?”

“Why…” Lin Yun looked at the demonic face.

Blood dripped from Lin Yun’s face.

“Why?” Lin Yu suddenly laughed out loud. “How dare you ask why?”

“If you hadn’t snatched my position back then, would I have lived in poverty for 20 years?”

“Do you know how I spent the past 20 years?”

A faint but terrifying smile appeared on Lin Yu’s face.

“Do you know how much I wished I had the same hair clip as my classmates?”

“I begged my parents to buy it for me! But they said that they were very poor and don’t have money!”

“Since I don’t have money, no one else can have what I don’t have!”

“Do you know how happy I felt when I broke the hair clip?”

As Lin Yu spoke, she narrowed her eyes. A vicious glint flashed across her eyes, causing Lin Yun to involuntarily vomit a mouthful of blood.

Lin Yu looked at Lin Yun’s miserable appearance and her smile slowly deepened. “My good sister! Don’t worry and go in peace!”

“No, Dad, Mom…” Lin Yun looked at Lin Yu unwillingly. Her fingers moved, but she realized that she couldn’t lift them up.

Lin Yu seemed to have heard something funny and laughed even harder.

“Mom and Dad? You still think Mom and Dad will come to your rescue?”

“Stop dreaming!”

“Do you really think Mom and Dad will still treat you like their own daughter after knowing your background?”

“If not for the fact that you were engaged to Zheng Yu back then and that you had so many years of careful nurturing and value, they would have chased you out of the house when they knew that you were not their biological child!”

“You actually didn’t realize it yourself, and even gave me the marriage contract with Zheng Yu!”

“I really don’t know if I should call you naive or stupid.”

As Lin Yu spoke, she chuckled and covered her mouth with one hand. She looked really happy.

“Speaking of which, I have to thank you!”

“If it weren’t for you, Zheng Yu wouldn’t have loved me so deeply!”

“The performance today won’t be as exciting either!”

“All thanks to you, my good sister!”

As Lin Yu spoke, she placed a cell phone in her handbag beside Lin Yun.

Lin Yun could tell at a glance that it was her lost phone!

“Does it feel terrible to be abandoned by everyone?”

“Don’t be afraid, everything will pass!”

“I will take back everything that belongs to me!”

“And you are destined to disappear from this world under the curses of the world!”

Lin Yun’s vision gradually blurred…

She couldn’t hear Lin Yu’s voice, so she could only watch her mouth open and close…

She can’t accept this!

Lin Yu… everything the Lin family did to her…

She wanted revenge!