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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The Wolf Boy, Ye Siming

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The young man curled his lips and gave an extremely perfunctory expression.

At this moment, Gu Yihan broke free from the officials and rushed over to pick Gu Nuo’er up.

He patted Gu Nuo’er’s back gently. “Don’t be afraid, my daughter. Father is here.”

Gu Yihan turned around and ordered angrily, “Chop up the remaining captives and feed them to the dogs!”

The child in his arms became anxious again.

She waved her chubby white hands back and forth. “No, no, no. Father, you cannot do that! They’re still useful.

“Can you let them help the eunuch brothers scrub the feces buckets?”

The five to six captives who were still alive were stunned.

The captives, “…”

One of them put up a fierce struggle and shouted loudly, “We’re fierce soldiers from the Yaoxia Kingdom! We’ve always been wielding blades and spending our lives on the battlefields!

“Damn emperor, you might as well kill us with a stab straight away rather than getting us to scrub the feces buckets!”

Gu Yihan curled his lips into a cold smile. “I think the princess’s suggestion is not bad. They are energetic and they’ll definitely be able to scrub the buckets very cleanly. Let’s do as the princess says.”

The captives were dragged away as they scolded and cursed away.

General Bai Yi felt a little sorry when he looked at the boy in the cage.

“Your Majesty, this boy…”

Before he could say anything, Gu Nuo’er grabbed Gu Yihan’s sleeves.

Her bright eyes were filled with pleading as she said in a delicate voice, “Father, let the pretty older brother out.

“Cages are for small animals. Older brother isn’t an animal, so how can he be locked up?”

Gu Yihan looked at the boy. The latter stood there calmly, his cold thin lips pursed into a line.

To think that an only 8-year-old child had such a strong disposition.

Gu Yihan was worried that he’d hurt others and didn’t agree to it right away but instead, seemed to be in deep thought.

Gu Nuo’er launched a soft and cute childish attack. “Father~ He just saved Nuonuo~ Mother said that one should repay kindness with kindness, repay enmity with enmity~

“If Nuonuo doesn’t repay this debt, I won’t be able to fall asleep tonight~ I won’t eat either!”

Gu Yihan was instantly caught between laughter and tears. “Nuonuo, how can you threaten Father like that?”

He looked at the child in his arms with her big watery eyes.

“Forget it. Bai Yi, go open the cage.”

General Bai cupped his hands and received the order. At this moment, Gu Yihan was carrying Gu Nuo’er and was surrounded by the imperial guards.

It was their duty to protect the safety of the emperor and princess.

After the chain was removed, it landed on the ground, sending up snow and dust.

The boy walked out of the cage. He wasn’t wearing shoes and his fair feet were covered in wounds.

He stepped on the thin layer of snow as if he didn’t feel cold at all.

The boy looked around as if sizing up the imperial palace.

In the end, his gaze landed on Gu Nuo’er.

The child was also very supportive. She stretched out her fair and chubby arm and waved.

Seeing that the boy indeed did not plan to attack anyone, Gu Yihan said, “He saved Nuonuo and can be considered to have gained merit. I will be lenient.

“Bai Yi, I’ll leave this child for you to teach. Bring him to change into a set of clean clothes. If he hurts anyone, you’ll be punished as well.”

General Bai was surprised to suddenly be given this mission. He cupped his hands and said, “Yes, your subject won’t disappoint Your Majesty’s trust.”

Gu Yihan nodded and carried Gu Nuo’er away.

The child lay on her father’s shoulder and smiled like a white ball, waving goodbye to the boy.

In the end, the child’s voice even sounded along with the wind. “Pretty older brother~ Remember to wear shoes!”

After they walked so far away that their figures were no longer within sight, the boy’s gaze was still fixed on the path.

His eyes were cold and he looked extremely handsome.

Bai Yi looked at the boy in front of him and took the initiative to ask, “Do you have a name? If not, I can give you…”

Before he could finish his words, the boy replied simply and coldly, “Ye Siming.”

After saying this, he walked forward by himself.

General Bai Yi quickly followed, feeling puzzled.

This boy was really strange.