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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 579 - 579 Your Highness, It's Good That You're Here!

579 Your Highness, It’s Good That You’re Here!

Gu Zixiao originally wanted to pick Gu Nuo’er up today.

This was because he suddenly remembered that last time, Ye Siming had left in a hurry and asked him to tell his sister that he had something urgent to do.

However, later on, Gu Nuo’er fell asleep after going horse riding and had a good time. The first prince then forgot about this matter.

Today, he went to his father’s study to listen to court affairs and learned that General Bai Yi had not attended court for two days.

It was said that he had applied for sick leave from Gu Yihan for five days.

Therefore, Gu Zixiao thought of Ye Siming’s anxious expression when he left that day.

Something more personal and troublesome had probably happened to the Bai Manor.

Afraid that his sister would worry too, Gu Zixiao wanted to pick her up after school and inform her of this matter.

He waited for the class to end at the state school, but the child didn’t come out.

After asking Jiang Xiaoran, he realized that his sister had long run away!

He said that she was going to Bai Yi’s residence to look for Ye Siming.

Gu Zixiao couldn’t help but feel helpless. “It seems that as her older brother, I don’t care about her enough. Nuo’er seems to be more dependent on Marquis Yongye than on us brothers.”

Since Gu Nuo’er had gone to Bai Yi’s residence, Gu Zixiao wanted to return to the palace.

However, the moment he got on the horse, he saw that the roadside stalls were selling low-quality and rough beads.

Gu Zixiao couldn’t help but think of a girl.

For some reason, he turned the horse around and headed toward the Zhuang Manor.

The Zhuang Manor had suffered a huge change in the past few days. The door was closed and they refused to see guests.

However, after Gu Zixiao revealed his identity, the guard quickly ran to inform the Earl of Ding’an.

The Earl of Ding’an rushed over with an anxious expression. “This subject pays his respects to Your Highness!”

The first prince had already arrived. Could it be that the punishment that the little princess had mentioned about hitting him with a paddle had really come?

At the thought of this, the Earl of Ding’an felt a pain in his butt.

Gu Zixiao pursed his lips and said calmly, “Last time, at my grandfather’s birthday banquet, Eldest Miss Zhuang received his favor. This time, I’m here to visit Miss Zhuang on my grandfather’s instructions.”

For some reason, he subconsciously used his grandfather as an excuse.

It was just like how Gu Zixiao didn’t know why he wanted to come and see how Zhuang Ruoyun was now.

He had a vague guess in his heart that she was upright and didn’t cover for Zhuang Miaoyin.

Her life in the manor would probably be difficult.

As expected, when the Earl of Ding’an heard that the first prince wanted to see Zhuang Ruoyun, his expression immediately turned ugly.

Gu Zixiao raised his eyebrows. “Is it inconvenient?”

“It’s convenient, it’s convenient! It’s just that…” The Earl of Ding’an couldn’t think of a way to refuse.

He was afraid that if he said too much, he would anger this future crown prince again!

The Earl of Ding’an smiled apologetically and said, “Your Highness, please sit in the front hall for a while and have some tea to wait. This subject will get the servants to call Ruoyun over.”

Gu Zixiao nodded.

He sat there like an upright pine tree.

His handsome appearance added a hint of elegance to Earl Ding’an’s manor.

A moment later, a figure flashed at the door and Gu Zixiao put down his teacup.

However, the moment he looked up, he frowned slightly.

Zhuang Ruoyun limped in. Her face was covered in makeup, but it was not difficult to tell that her left cheek seemed to be swollen.

Even so, her eyes were still burning with inextinguishable tenacity, looking bright and spirited.

“Your Highness.” Zhuang Ruoyun didn’t know if he was here to seek revenge, so she could only call out respectfully.

However, Gu Zixiao asked in a deep voice, “Did they hit you?”

On the other side, in Bai Yi’s residence.

Gu Nuo’er’s carriage had just stopped when the child jumped down.

“Elder Brother Zhang Sui, go back and tell Mother that I’m staying at Uncle Bai’s residence tonight and eating Auntie Bai’s cooking!”

Zhang Sui received the order and watched as Gu Nuo’er entered before leading the group away.

Gu Nuo’er came often and the doorman had long recognized her.

However, the doorman didn’t smile this time. Instead, he looked like he had seen his savior.

“Your Highness, it’s good that you’re here!”