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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 576 - 576 Without Marquis Yongye, The Little Princess Was About to Cry

576 Without Marquis Yongye, The Little Princess Was About to Cry

It was a break after class.

Gu Nuo’er lay lazily.

Xie Yinxiang came to talk to her and saw that the child was low in spirit.

She took out the box of pastries she had brought.

Inside were the pastries she had made in the morning.

The small pastries were decorated with a honey-like yellow color and sprinkled with white sugar frost.

“This is made from yam paste. Nuo’er, try it and see if it tastes good.”

Gu Nuo’er raised her head and pouted dejectedly, looking at the pastries with watery eyes.

“I’m sorry, Elder Sister Yinxiang. I don’t have an appetite.”

Oh, she missed Elder Brother Siming~

Where did he go?!

Xie Yinxiang also found it strange.

Why hadn’t she seen Marquis Yongye for a few days?

Usually, he followed Her Highness and never left her side.

At this moment, Yun Linzhou walked near the two of them and called out uneasily, “Nuo’er…”

Just as Gu Nuo’er was feeling down, her big black eyes also lost their usual brightness.

“Linzhou, why are you looking for me?”

Yun Linzhou had always wanted to find an opportunity to apologize for what had happened last time.

He had wanted to invite Gu Nuo’er to his house for a meal, but he didn’t expect to cause her to suffer from abdominal pain.

“Nuo’er, I didn’t take good care of you last time. I’m sorry. Are we still good friends?”

Gu Nuo’er blinked. “That’s right. Linzhou, don’t worry. Even if I didn’t eat or play well at your house, it wouldn’t affect me from being friends with you.”

The child’s words clearly hinted at something.

She was very smart and knew that Yun Linzhou had good intentions, but it might not be the case for Prince Xuan and Princess Consort Xuan.

Therefore, she emphasized that it wouldn’t affect her from being good friends with Yun Linzhou.

However, she would never bring Elder Brother Siming to Prince Xuan Manor again!

Of course, Yun Linzhou understood Gu Nuo’er’s deeper meaning.

However, he still smiled innocently.

“Nuo’er, you’re the best!”

Yun Linzhou came over and wanted to hold her small hand.

However, before he could touch it, he was pushed away by someone.

It was unknown when Jiang Xiaoran appeared.

Yun Linzhou swayed from the pressure and almost lost his balance.

“Ah! It’s Your Highness. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you standing here.”

Jiang Xiaoran scratched his head and smiled naively.

Yun Linzhou pursed his lips and a dark glint flashed across his eyes. He then smiled honestly. “It’s fine. Nuo’er, I’m going to practice my calligraphy. I’m going to write a big ‘fortune’ word for you.”

After watching him leave, Jiang Xiaoran crossed his arms and sat beside Xie Yinxiang.

He snorted coldly. “You want to touch the princess just because Siming isn’t around! No way I’ll let that happen! Don’t forget that I’m still around!”

Xie Yinxiang glanced at him. “Young Marquis Jiang makes yourself sound like Marquis Yongye’s son.”

Jiang Xiaoran frowned.

Why did this Xie Yinxiang always like to be straightforward with him?!

Shouldn’t normal girls be praising him for being responsible now?

When his brother wasn’t around, it was only right for him to take care of someone his brother cared about!

Jiang Xiaoran was about to say something when he saw the pastries in the box. He reached out and grabbed a piece and placed it in his mouth.


Xie Yinxiang’s expression changed. Just as Jiang Xiaoran was about to make a second move, she hurriedly grabbed his wrist.

“Young Marquis Jiang, please stop. I prepared these for Nuo’er.”

Jiang Xiaoran chuckled. “There are so many pieces. The two of you definitely won’t be able to finish them either. I’ll help share the burden!”

The two of them played for a while but didn’t hear Gu Nuo’er speak.

Usually, at this moment, the child would definitely speak softly.

Jiang Xiaoran and Xie Yinxiang couldn’t help but stop and look at Gu Nuo’er at the same time.

She was holding her face with her small hands, her watery eyes filled with tears that were about to fall!