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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 574 - 574 None of Them Are As Good-looking As Elder Brother Siming

574 None of Them Are As Good-looking As Elder Brother Siming

When Gu Zixiao saw this, he said in concern, “Marquis Yongye, is something wrong at home?”

After all, Ye Siming was his sister’s number one guard.

It was fine for him to show some concern.

Ye Siming stood up, his eyes cold. “Father called me back for something. Your Highness, I’ll take my leave first.”

He took a few steps, then seemed as if he had thought of something.

He then came back and explained to Gu Zixiao, “If Her Highness asks, Your Highness can help me explain this. I’ll look for her another day.”

Gu Zixiao nodded. “Go on.”

Seeing Ye Siming leave in a hurry, Gu Zixiao couldn’t help but feel puzzled.

Did General Bai encounter some troublesome problem?

There was a stable in the Grand Preceptor Manor. The Grace Defender Duke got the two personal guards accompanying him to get on tall horses and ride around the spacious garden.

The child immediately clapped.

Her big eyes were dyed with a sparkling expression.

“Grandpa~ I feel that the soldier older brothers aren’t as good-looking as Elder Brother Siming when riding horses.”

The Grace Defender Duke laughed heartily. “Isn’t riding a horse the same? Why do we still have to differentiate between good-looking and not good-looking?”

Gu Nuo’er clenched her fists and said firmly, “Because Elder Brother Siming is handsome!”

Grace Defender Duke was speechless.

Nuo’er was exactly the same as Noble Consort Qiao when she was young.

She liked beautiful older brothers.

At this moment, in the front courtyard, because of that misunderstanding, Grand Preceptor Du sent the guest off apologetically.

He was even comforted by everyone. “No one expected that young lady from a wealthy family to do such a thing. Grand Preceptor, please don’t be sad.”

Gu Zixiao accompanied Grand Preceptor Du and sent the guests off.

The grandfather and grandson turned around and saw Zhuang Ruoyun still standing there hesitantly.

Gu Zixiao was a little surprised.

She hadn’t left?

Earl of Ding’an would probably find out soon that Zhuang Miaoyin had been severely punished.

At that time, Earl of Ding’an and his wife would probably blame Zhuang Ruoyun for not protecting her sister.

Gu Zixiao thought that perhaps she was here to plead for leniency.

If she had Grand Preceptor Du’s protection, Earl of Ding’an probably wouldn’t dare to do anything to Zhuang Ruoyun.

Grand Preceptor Du approached with a serious expression of an elderly.

“Eldest Young Miss Zhuang, why haven’t you gone back yet?”

After saying that, he seemed to have thought of something and said, “Don’t worry. Although there’s a feud between Second Miss Zhuang any myself, I won’t go back on my word about the pearl. You can also come to my residence once a month to ask my wife for guidance.”

However, Zhuang Ruoyun quickly shook her head. “Grand Preceptor, I wasn’t waiting for you for this.”

Grand Preceptor Du was puzzled. “Then why?”

“That… I can also tell that looking for the pearl is just a pretense to catch the person who framed Her Highness. The pearl I gifted was just a coincidence and not a good omen.”

Zhuang Ruoyun said hesitantly, “Therefore, the Grand Preceptor doesn’t have to fulfill your promise. Moreover, after my second sister did such a thing, the Grand Preceptor will probably feel unlucky when he thinks of our Zhuang Family.

“Therefore, I want to ask… if the Grand Preceptor doesn’t want that pearl, can you return it to me?”

This time, not only was Grand Preceptor Du stunned, but even the first prince was stunned.

What was Zhuang Ruoyun talking about?

She still wanted to take back that kind of pearl?

Grand Preceptor Du was clearly stunned.

He had never seen a young lady from a wealthy family make such a request.

Zhuang Ruoyun also scratched the tip of her nose in embarrassment.

“I know it might be a little impolite to say this, but I’m very short of money. The grandmother who had taken care of me in the countryside has fallen sick. I originally wanted to send money for her to get treatment.

“However, Second Sister insisted that I accompany her to the Grand Preceptor Manor. I felt that it wasn’t good to come empty-handed, so I used all the money I had to buy a pearl. Therefore, if the Grand Preceptor doesn’t want it, can you return it to me? I can pawn it and send money back.”