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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 570 - 570 She's Not Lying, I Was With Her

570 She’s Not Lying, I Was With Her

Zhuang Miaoyin’s face suddenly turned pale.

She fell to the ground on her butt.

The box was accidentally overturned by her actions and rolled to the ground.

The pieces of paper also fell out.

Gu Nuo’er immediately stuck her head out to take a look.

Ye Siming covered her eyes.

Her long eyelashes brushed against his palm.

The child looked at the darkness in front of her and pouted angrily.

“Elder Brother Siming!” Gu Nuo’er called out fiercely.

Ye Siming knew that she hadn’t succeeded. He smiled and replied in a low voice, “I’m here.”

Damn it, bad wolfie.

The guests nearby also saw what was drawn on the papers.

Everyone was shocked.

This Zhuang Family’s second daughter looked like a respectable person.

How could she be so despicable?!

Zhuang Ruoyun, who was standing closest, also saw them.

She was shocked and subconsciously blurted out, “Didn’t Sister get the maidservant to buy this outside a few days ago…”

Halfway through her sentence, she was stopped by Zhuang Miaoyin anxiously. “Don’t slander me!”

Zhuang Miaoyin squeezed out a few sad tears.

“Grand Preceptor, I must have been framed. Since it’s a birthday gift for you, you’ll definitely check it. How would I dare to do such a thing?”

As she spoke, she looked at Zhuang Ruoyun viciously.

“It must be that my older sister is dissatisfied with my parents doting on me and holds a grudge, so she wants to frame me! She’s great at painting and everyone in my family can prove it! Perhaps this dirty thing was drawn by her!”

Zhuang Miaoyin pushed all the responsibility to Zhuang Ruoyun.

This was also why she had to get her parents to agree to her bringing Zhuang Ruoyun here.

This was because Zhuang Miaoyin had long thought of framing the little princess. This matter was no small matter.

If she had found a scapegoat in advance, things would probably be different.

Otherwise, how could a village girl like Zhuang Ruoyun, who had just returned from the countryside, be worthy of entering the Grand Preceptor Manor?

Zhuang Ruoyun frowned. “Second Sister, don’t make things up. I indeed know how to draw, but how can I draw such things?”

A hint of viciousness flashed across Zhuang Miaoyin’s eyes. She turned around and hugged Zhuang Ruoyun’s hem, crying, “Elder Sister, just admit your mistake. As long as you’re willing to tell the truth, Father and Mother won’t blame you when we go back.”

Her words were a hint.

If you’re willing to take the blame now, you can still live a peaceful life when you return to Earl of Ding’an’s manor

Otherwise, just wait to be tortured!

Unfortunately, Zhuang Ruoyun had a fiery temper.

She was so angry that her face turned red. “Why should I admit to something I didn’t do?!”

“You were the one who switched the painting. Eldest Sister disappeared after entering the Grand Preceptor Manor. Do you dare to say where you went?”

“I… I was forced by First Mother to wash her clothes last night, so I was too sleepy today. That’s why I found a place to sleep.”

Everyone was even more surprised when they heard this.

Earl of Ding’an was considered a noble.

Their young miss actually had to wash clothes herself?

Zhuang Miaoyin saw that Zhuang Ruoyun didn’t even have a decent maidservant by her side.

She knew that no one was going to testify for her.

Therefore, she held onto this point, unwilling to let go.

“Elder Sister, this is the capital, not your quagmire-like countryside. You’re not allowed to lie!”

Zhuang Ruoyun was about to speak anxiously when a calm voice interrupted—

“Eldest Young Miss Zhuang didn’t lie. I can testify for her.”

Everyone was stunned and looked at the person who spoke.

The first prince, Gu Zixiao, stood up and looked at the isolated and helpless Zhuang Ruoyun with a cold gaze.

Gu Nuo’er pried open Ye Siming’s fingers with her two small hands, making him open them a little.

Then, the girl blinked her big eyes and looked at her eldest brother curiously!

Wow, her eldest brother actually had another romantic fate without her knowing!