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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 569 - 569 Carefully Selected An Indescribable Painting?!

569 Carefully Selected An Indescribable Painting?!

Grand Preceptor Du hesitated for a moment.

Earl of Ding’an was just a small fry.

However, he also recognized him.

In his impression, Earl of Ding’an liked to curry favor with the powerful and benefit from both sides.

He was a selfish person who spoke human language when he saw people and nonsense when he saw ghosts.

He didn’t have many capabilities. His current noble title was all thanks to the blessings from his ancestors.

Zhuang Miaoyin’s words made Grand Preceptor Du feel like she was fighting for his favor.

He had lived through most of his life, so how could he not understand the little girl’s thoughts?

Grand Preceptor Du didn’t want this to happen.

However, his key goal was to find the mastermind behind the indecent gift!

He didn’t care what these sisters wanted!

Therefore, Grand Preceptor Du waved his hand and instructed the attendant, “Go and pick out the gift from Second Miss Zhuang.”

The attendant received the order and quickly rummaged through the pile of unopened gifts.

Ye Siming’s fingertips pinched Gu Nuo’er’s pinky under the table.

He turned his head and whispered, “She’s the one.”

Gu Nuo’er immediately looked up and pouted to express her dissatisfaction.

Stinky Yingying! She really wanted to play tricks to harm her!

Let’s see how she’ll take revenge later. Hmph!

The attendant opened the square box.

Zhuang Miaoyin even straightened her back and raised her chin slightly, waiting for the praises and amazement.

This was because the jade she and Earl of Ding’an had chosen was top-grade suet jade!

Since it had already been carved into a jade pendant, Grand Preceptor Du would definitely like it.

The attendant then said, “The Zhuang Family’s second daughter gifted… gifted…”

When he saw what was in the box, his eyes gradually widened.

“This, this, this, this is?” The attendant was surprised.

Grand Preceptor Du turned around in confusion. “What’s wrong? Show it to me.”

Zhuang Miaoyin also found it strange.

It was just a jade pendant. Why was this attendant making such a fuss?

He must be really very poor and had never even seen good jade before!

However, when the box was handed to Grand Preceptor Du…

His originally amiable face suddenly became filled with anger and an imposing dignity.

Grand Preceptor Du had been in the government for many years and was highly respected.

Now that he was about to flare up with a straight face, he looked really scary!

“What audacity!” Grand Preceptor Du suddenly slammed the table and stood up.

The child was so frightened that she fell to the side and pounced into Ye Siming’s arms.

Gu Zixiao, who was sitting on her left, was just about to reach out to comfort his sister.

However, he realized that the child had already curled up into a ball in Ye Siming’s arms!

She was watching the commotion with her big watery eyes!

Grand Preceptor Du placed the box on the table and said angrily, “Second Miss Zhuang, I have no enmity with your father and you. Why did you send such a thing to humiliate me?!”

Zhuang Miaoyin was already stunned by the scolding.

“I… I didn’t give anything bad. Why is the Grand Preceptor angry? My father and I carefully selected this gift!”

They had carefully selected an indescribable painting?!

Grand Preceptor Du became even angrier.

“Take a look for yourself!”

Zhuang Miaoyin walked near the box and stuck her head out to take a look.

There was no jade pendant in that box.

Instead, it was pieces of a painting that had been torn to palm-size!

The contents were unsightly and vulgar!

Zhuang Miaoyin’s heart skipped a beat and her face turned pale!

This, this, this… Wasn’t this the painting she had asked the maidservant to pass to Gu Nuo’er to gift to Grand Preceptor Du?

Zhuang Miaoyin held a grudge against Gu Nuo’er’s birth.

She felt that if it wasn’t for Gu Nuo’er, His Majesty and the empress would definitely be moved by her intelligence and cuteness one day.

Then, they would take her in as an adopted daughter.

She would be the only princess.

However, Gu Nuo’er’s arrival disrupted everything.

Therefore, Zhuang Miaoyin prepared this painting after hearing that the little princess was coming today.

However, the maidservant said that she had already given it away. Why was it here? Why was it in the box for her gift?!