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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 560 - 560 Those Horse Tails, They Stink~

560 Those Horse Tails, They Stink~

Ye Siming glanced sideways and saw Gu Nuo’er’s delicate face inches away.

He pursed his thin lips.

Just now, he saw a translucent pink pastry called Immortal Peach Jelly in the pavilion.

It was similar to the child’s face.

He felt like eating it.

Ye Siming took the box from Gu Nuo’er’s hand and weighed it. “What is it?”

The child shook her head. “I don’t know. A bad-looking maidservant older sister gave it to me just now.”

Ye Siming frowned slightly. “She gave it to you and asked you to give it to Grand Preceptor Du?”

“That’s right, but I’m not that stupid. I’m going to tell Grand Preceptor grandpa directly!”

Ye Siming carried the child and found Grand Preceptor Du in the front courtyard.

At that moment, the Grace Defender Duke had already gone somewhere to deal with his acquaintances.

Grand Preceptor Du was communicating with the butler about what areas to pay attention to when the banquet started later.

“Grand Preceptor grandpa~” Gu Nuo’er called out softly.

Grand Preceptor Du stopped and turned around. He immediately smiled kindly. “Little sweetheart, come, let Grandpa carry you.”

The old man walked over with his arms open. Ye Siming raised the box horizontally to block his movements.

Grand Preceptor Du was speechless.

Marquis Yongye kept an even closer watch compared to Gu Zixiao.

Grand Preceptor Du looked at the long brocade box and said with a smile, “Didn’t the two of you give gifts just now? Why are you giving another? Don’t be so polite to Grandpa.”

Gu Nuo’er waved her small hands, her watery eyes shining.

“No, Grand Preceptor grandpa, a bad older sister gave this to me just now. She lied to me and said that she is a maidservant in your residence and that she had prepared this gift for you with other servants.”

The child lowered her voice and said, “Moreover, she said that she was afraid that her words wouldn’t carry much weight and asked me to pass it to the Grand Preceptor grandfather on her behalf. However, on the way here, Baby Nuo has seen that the maidservant older sisters in Grand Preceptor grandfather’s manor all wear the same green clothes!”

Gu Nuo’er rested her chin on her small hand, looking sharp and witty as if she had seen through everything.

“If she’s really a maidservant who sends birthday gifts to the Grand Preceptor grandpa, her goal should be to gain your appreciation and be promoted. However, she didn’t even tell me her name! Even if you want to reward her, there’s nowhere to find her.

“Therefore, I’m certain that she must be a big baddie. There might be something very evil in this box!”

Ye Siming heard her say the most logical words in a childish voice.

He couldn’t help but chuckle and raise his eyebrows, asking, “What do you think it will be?”

Gu Nuo’er pondered for a moment, puffed up her chubby face, and said firmly, “This box is so long. I guess it should be… a horse’s tail!”

Grand Preceptor Du and Ye Siming were both stunned. Then, Grand Preceptor Du laughed out loud.

Children’s thoughts were just interesting.

Grand Preceptor Du was caught between laughter and tears. “How can a horse’s tail harm people?”

Gu Nuo’er said seriously, “Nuo’er once went to a horse race with Second Brother and smelled those horse tails. They stink~”

As she spoke, she even covered her nose as if the smell was right in front of her!

The child’s voice was buzzing. “Moreover, I remember that Grand Preceptor grandpa is born in the year of the horse, right? It’ll be very inauspicious to have a broken tail!”

Grand Preceptor Du smiled and his expression suddenly stiffened.

Clearly, he had also thought of this possibility.

Gu Nuo’er’s words struck him.

That’s right! If the other party had the intention to ruin the birthday celebration, they would definitely send some inauspicious things to make Grand Preceptor Du feel unlucky.

And by using Her Highness’s hand to send him off, wouldn’t that make him feel angry but have nowhere to complain to?!

Not only would that ruin his birthday, but it would also affect Her Highness’s reputation!