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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 542 - 542 Don't Be Angry Anymore, I Know My Mistake

542 Don’t Be Angry Anymore, I Know My Mistake

Gu Yihan publicized the crime of Consort Rou faking her pregnancy to win his favor and implicated the Cui Family, who were related to her.

Poor Lord Cui originally thought that Consort Rou could save Cui Yutong from having angered the princess.

They never expected that their entire family’s lives would be ruined by Consort Rou!

On such a calm autumn night, Gu Yihan was decisive in the killing. He hid it from Gu Nuo’er and gave the order to have the entire Cui Family executed.

After the matter was settled, Gu Yihan and Noble Consort Qiao returned to the main hall.

“The third prince and Head Physician Zhang both have earned merit in noticing that Consort Rou faked her pregnancy. From tomorrow onwards, the third prince can go to the Ministry of Revenue to train.”

The third prince was stunned. He seemed to want to say something, but he bit his lip and didn’t say anything.

The Ministry of Revenue was a government office that handles a lot of money. Gu Yihan had placed him there clearly to nurture him.

This should be a good thing.

However, Gu Ziyao couldn’t be happy.

This was because he had no interest in power since he was young. He had always fantasized about becoming a divine doctor who could help and benefit the world.

However, his father’s order was an absolutely dignified existence and he could not refuse.

Just as Gu Ziyao was about to cup his hands to thank his father, a delicate voice interrupted, “Father, Third Brother likes to read medicine books. Coincidentally, Grandpa Zhang is also sick and definitely doesn’t have that much energy to work. Why don’t we send Third Brother to the Imperial Academy of Medicine and get him to help there?”

The third prince was stunned and looked down at his sister in his arms.

Gu Nuo’er secretly glanced sideways and gave him a look that said, “Leave it to me.”

She looked extremely delicate and cute.

Gu Ziyao’s heart warmed.

His sister was asking for his father’s grace for him.

Practicing medicine to save people was exactly what he wanted to do. He was more than happy to do so!

Seeing that his daughter had already spoken, how could Gu Yihan not agree?

He nodded slowly. “Head Physician Zhang, you’re already advanced in age. I know that you’re diligent, but you have to take good care of your body. The third prince will follow you from today onwards. Throw all the trivial matters in the Imperial Academy of Medicine to him and have him train well.”

Head Physician Zhang was flattered.

He quickly accepted the order.

Gu Yihan also rewarded Head Physician Zhang with some rare medicinal herbs from the palace.

Only then did the third prince leave with Head Physician Zhang.

After they left, Gu Nuo’er was picked up by Gu Yihan. The child blinked her big eyes and asked in a childish voice, “Father, did my little brother and sister fly away? I don’t have any younger siblings anymore?”

When Gu Yihan heard this, he raised his eyebrows and looked at Noble Consort Qiao. “Did you hear that? Nuo’er wants a younger brother or sister.”

Noble Consort Qiao’s beautiful face suddenly turned red. She diverted the topic guiltily. “It’s getting late. Nuo’er has to rest.”

Gu Yihan carried his daughter and placed her back on the bed in the inner room.

He then sat patiently by the bed and told Gu Nuo’er stories of him going out in battles back in the day for a very long time.

The child was fascinated by the novelty and fell asleep not long after.

Gu Yihan stood up quietly and then hugged Noble Consort Qiao, who was reading the palace accounting books.

Noble Consort Qiao didn’t struggle and only asked in a soft voice, “Your Majesty?”

Gu Yihan sighed. “Noble Consort, don’t be angry anymore. I know my mistake.”

Noble Consort Qiao thought that the sun had risen outside.

Gu Yihan was such an arrogant and domineering tyrant, but he actually admitted that he was wrong?

Could it be that he also knew that all women would be jealous?!

Noble Consort Qiao was about to say something heartfelt.

Gu Yihan said in a deep voice, “That Lord Yang amongst the officials has eight daughters. I spoke to him long ago and was told that after having my most precious daughter, it’s best not to give birth to any more children, lest that daughter may feel sad! I’ve almost made Nuo’er sad. I’ve really done too much wrong! Noble Consort, you have to manage me well in the future.”

Noble Consort Qiao was speechless.

No matter how amazing His Majesty was, he was still controlled by his daughter!