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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 540 - 540 If She Can't Get Pregnant, Where Did the Child Come From?

540 If She Can’t Get Pregnant, Where Did the Child Come From?

This time, Gu Yihan didn’t need to get someone to knock her out.

Consort Rou herself fainted from fear and despair.

When Gu Yihan saw this, he raised his eyebrows and sneered. “That’s good. Third Prince, go take her pulse and see what difficulties she has.”

The third prince cupped his hands and accepted the order.

Wanyin and Wanxuan were in charge of laying Consort Rou down on the floor.

The third prince squatted down to take her pulse.

For a moment, the hall was silent.

Gu Nuo’er leaned against the screen curiously.

Could her third brother tell?

In almost the time it took to brew a cup of tea, the third prince’s frown deepened.

Gu Yihan raised his eyebrows. “Why? You can’t tell?”

“Father, I feel that… this child’s pulse is chaotic. It does look like she’s pregnant, yet it also doesn’t seem like it. Please forgive me for being inexperienced. I want to ask Head Physician Zhang to confirm the pulse again,” the third prince said.

Gu Yihan raised his chin and gestured for Head Physician Zhang to take a look.

The old man who was in his seventies went forward and took Consort Rou’s pulse. He quietly felt the rhythm of the pulse.

A moment later, he said, “Your Highness1, there should be a copy of Consort Rou’s medical record in the Imperial Academy of Medicine recently. Please send someone to bring it over.”

Eunuch Chunshou quickly took a thick book from the young eunuch at the side and handed it over.

“His Majesty said that he wanted to investigate the case thoroughly just now, so this servant instructed someone to bring over Consort Rou’s medical records. It would be good if it’s useful to the head physician.”

Head Physician Zhang took it and flipped through two pages. His grizzled brows gradually furrowed.

A moment later, he closed the book, stood up, and cupped his hands at Gu Yihan. “Your Majesty, this subject already has an answer in my heart.”

“Let’s hear it.”

Head Physician Zhang said unhurriedly, “The records show that Consort Rou suddenly had a rash four months ago, so she prescribed a prescription to treat it. One of the herbs is saffron.”

After he finished speaking, Noble Consort Qiao couldn’t help but raise her beautiful eyebrows.

Saffron? Wasn’t that abortion medicine?

How could Consort Rou still be pregnant for four months after using this?

Gu Yihan pondered and didn’t say anything, his eyebrows cold.

Head Physician Zhang continued, “According to the prescription time in the book, Consort Rou has been drinking the prescription for almost four months in a row. With the frequency at which she takes it, even if she has an imperial heir, she won’t be able to keep it.”

Gu Yihan’s voice was cold and hard. “What do you mean by even if there is? Could it be that her so-called pregnancy is groundless, trumped-up?”

Head Physician Zhang nodded honestly.

“Consort Rou’s pulse is weak and slippery. One part is hidden and two parts are revealed. It does indeed look like the pulse of an ordinary pregnant woman. However, the only flaw is that her body is actually cold and weak. I’m afraid she has a hidden illness that she doesn’t know about and can’t get pregnant.”

Head Physician Zhang was an old imperial physician who had been a doctor for many years. With more than 60 years of consultation experience, his words shouldn’t be wrong.

He added, “If Consort Rou is faking her pregnancy, you just need to find the herbal dregs of what she has been taking recently. This subject will be even more certain with one look.”

At this moment, the imperial guards hurriedly came to report.

“Your Majesty, just now, when this subordinate was ordered to go to the Qingwu Palace to investigate who Consort Rou had interacted with, this subordinate encountered a nanny carrying a bag on her back as if she wanted to escape in a panic.

“This subordinate interrogated her carefully and she insisted that her master allowed her out of the palace. However, the person in charge of the Qingwu Palace has already changed. This subordinate asked Concubine Bai and she doesn’t know this nanny.”

The meaning behind the imperial guard’s words could not be clearer.

The old nanny who had heard the news and wanted to escape was probably Consort Rou’s servant.

Gu Yihan sneered. “Where is she?”

“This subordinate has already brought her out of the hall and is waiting for Your Majesty’s judgment.”

Gu Yihan hesitated for a moment. Thinking that Gu Nuo’er was here, he said in a low voice, “I’ll go outside the hall to interrogate her.”