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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 537 - 537 Baby Nuo Is Going to Have A Little Brother Or Sister?

537 Baby Nuo Is Going to Have A Little Brother Or Sister?

“Father, if Consort Rou really has a baby, Nuo’er has to take good care of her and leave all my things to my younger sibling.”

As she spoke, the child stepped on the thick carpet with her soft and fair feet.

She ran to the cabinet and tiptoed to take out her favorite small waist bag.

She brought it to Gu Yihan as if she was presenting a treasure.

Gu Nuo’er pulled the strap of her bag with her small hand. Some of the miscellaneous items inside were reflected in Gu Yihan’s eyes.

It was filled with things that weren’t very precious. There was a roll of beautiful silver silk threads, the tail of her fabric tiger that had been accidentally torn off, a small paperweight made from jade, and two small candies wrapped in a handkerchief.

Gu Nuo’er raised the bag and showed the items to Gu Yihan. “These are Baby Nuo’s treasures. I’ll leave them for my younger sibling.”

She then started to go through each item. “The thread was given to me by Nanny Liu from the Directorate for Royal Clothing. Under the sunlight, it’s sparkling and dazzling, and it’s especially beautiful. Oh, and there’s also little teegar’s1 tail. Nuo’er wanted to sew it back with the silver threads. When my younger sibling comes, Nuo’er will do it with my sibling!

“Also, this jade was given to Nuo’er by my teacher. I originally wanted to leave the last two candies for Elder Brother Siming, but Baby Nuo is going to have younger siblings, so I won’t give them to Elder Brother Siming first!”

In the eyes of innocent and young children, these inconspicuous little things were treasures that were carefully loved and protected.

Gu Yihan looked at his daughter’s innocent and clear eyes and felt guilty for a moment.

Gu Nuo’er’s long eyelashes were like two small brushes, fluttering and causing her gaze to sparkle.

Her milky-white face and eyebrows were pretty and adorable. She had a cherry-red mouth and was smiling sweetly and cutely.

Gu Yihan felt even more guilty.

“Nuo’er…” He carried his daughter into his arms and patted her back gently.

Currently, Gu Nuo’er was the youngest child in the palace.

If Consort Rou gave birth, then Gu Nuo’er was indeed an older sister.

Unfortunately, Gu Yihan wasn’t prepared to let the child in Consort Rou’s stomach be born.

At this moment, Wanxuan came with the imperial physician.

Unexpectedly, Head Physician Zhang from the Imperial Academy of Medicine came personally with the third prince!

Consort Rou immediately tensed up.

She had heard that Head Physician Zhang’s medical skills were superb. He was a divine doctor who was ranked among the top in the world!

His ancestors knew a medical skill that could scrape bones and heal injuries. In such an era, this was already very impressive!

Moreover, the third prince had studied medical books since he was young. At such a young age, he already had some understanding of medicine.

Would the two of them notice anything amiss when they were together?

Consort Rou couldn’t sit still anymore.

Head Physician Zhang was over 70 years old but had a good complexion. Perhaps because he had taken good care of himself, although his face was wrinkled, his skin was rosy and he didn’t look tired.

“This subject pays his respects to the noble consort.”

The third prince also cupped his hands slightly. With a jade-like face, he said calmly, “Mother Qiao, I happened to be in the imperial academy to get Head Physician Zhang’s guidance on medical skills. I heard that your palace had called for an imperial physician. I was worried and followed over. I hope you won’t blame me for being rude.”

Noble Consort Qiao had always been on good terms with the third prince’s biological mother, Consort Lan.

At this moment, she only smiled gently. “Yao’er, you’re treating me like an outsider. If you want to come, how can I not be willing? However, it’s not anything to worry about. It’s just that your Mother Rou should be pregnant.”

The third prince was stunned and looked at Consort Rou.

Pregnant? Consort Rou was?

Noble Consort Qiao looked at Head Physician Zhang and said, “Head Physician Zhang, I’ll be troubling you to take Consort Rou’s pulse. If Consort Rou is healthy and gives birth to an imperial heir in the future, it will also be a blessing for the harem.”