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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 535 - 535 Seeking Wealth Amidst Danger, the More You Seek, the Lesser You Get

535 Seeking Wealth Amidst Danger, the More You Seek, the Lesser You Get

Consort Rou waited until night came but Gu Yihan did not come.

On the other hand, the nanny came back panting.

Consort Rou frowned. “Where’s His Majesty?”

The nanny couldn’t be bothered to take a sip of water and said helplessly, “I’ve been waiting outside the imperial study. After His Majesty was done with the morning court assembly, he discussed court affairs with the officials. He didn’t even come out for lunch in the afternoon. The Grand Chancellor then came with a few trusted officials!”

In that case, the nanny didn’t even see Gu Yihan?

The nanny hurriedly said, “Just now, His Majesty finally came out of the imperial study, but that head palace maid Wanyin who was with Noble Consort Qiao said something and His Majesty left with her! Right now, His Majesty is probably in the Qiushui Palace!”

Consort Rou gritted her teeth.

Why was it such a coincidence? Could it be that Noble Consort Qiao was born to jinx her?

Consort Rou couldn’t sit still anymore. She wanted to tell His Majesty about this in front of Noble Consort Qiao.

It would be best if Noble Consort Qiao could be given a warning!

She had been lying low in the harem for so many years and knew very well that if she didn’t say it now, Noble Consort Qiao would definitely kill her if she found out in the future!

Consort Rou knew that she could not compare to Noble Consort Qiao’s methods, so she could only quickly seek His Majesty’s protection.

Hence, she instructed the palace maid, “Help me dress up. I want to go to the Qiushui Palace to meet His Majesty.”

An hour later, Consort Rou arrived at the Qiushui Palace and asked to meet the emperor.

When Noble Consort Qiao heard this, she gently raised her beautiful eyebrows.

“She came all the way to my place to look for His Majesty. She’s really impatient.”

Wanxuan could not help but remind in a low voice, “I saw Consort Rou’s stomach just now. It seems like… she’s pregnant.”

Noble Consort Qiao was surprised for a moment, but the expression in her eyes was quickly concealed.

She nodded slightly and glanced at the emperor, who was in the inner room drying Gu Nuo’er’s hair after she had taken a bath.

The father and daughter were happy and did not know that Consort Rou had requested to meet the emperor.

Noble Consort Qiao walked to the outer hall. “Summon her in and put up a screen to block. Don’t let her rash and sickness spread to the Qiushui Palace. At the same time, I want to see what she’s up to!”

Did she think that just because she was pregnant, she could daringly try to snatch the emperor’s favor?

Consort Rou was standing on the white jade steps and waiting quietly.

She looked up at the majestic Qiushui Palace under the night sky.

In order to show his favor to Noble Consort Qiao and Gu Nuo’er, Gu Yihan specially merged the two big palace halls into one.

This place was even larger than his own palace where he rested.

Under the vast starry sky, the bright moon shone brightly. Even the golden tiles of the Qiushui Palace seemed to shine with an inviolable light.

For some reason, Consort Rou suddenly wanted to retreat.

However, before she could regret it, Wanxuan had already walked to the door.

Wanxuan, the head palace maid serving Noble Consort Qiao, lowered her eyelashes and looked down at Consort Rou with an air of superiority.

She said indifferently, “Consort Rou, Her Highness invites you in.”

Consort Rou bowed. “Thank you, Miss Wanxuan.”

She took a deep breath.

She was already here. Wealth is sought amidst danger. She must speak to His Majesty about this today!

Consort Rou followed Wanxuan into the hall and saw a row of screens abruptly placed in the huge front hall.

Consort Rou could only vaguely see a figure sitting on the main seat.

Wanxuan explained, “Her Highness said that she’s worried about the impact of Consort Rou’s illness, so if you have anything to say, just say it through the screens.”

No matter how dissatisfied Consort Rou was, she could only nod.

Noble Consort Qiao’s cold voice sounded from behind the screen. “Consort Rou, why are you looking for His Majesty? He’s busy. It’s the same if you tell me.”

Consort Rou bit her lip. She hesitated for a moment before suddenly raising her voice. “Regarding the matter that this consort is already four months pregnant… Is this also something that I just have to tell Your Highness?”

Gu Yihan, who was drying Gu Nuo’er’s hair in the inner room, paused in his actions.

His eyes instantly turned cold.