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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 532 - 532 Already Starting To Have Good Dreams

532 Already Starting To Have Good Dreams

After the palace maid left, Consort Rou’s personal nanny walked in not long after.

“Your Highness,” the nanny’s aged voice, coupled with the joy on her face, appeared a little sinister under the candlelight at night. “This servant has already arranged everything according to your instructions.”

Consort Rou, who was behind the bed curtain, propped up her upper body. There was uncontrollable joy in her tone.

“We’ve already found good people outside the palace. Are they reliable? Don’t let His Majesty see anything.”

The nanny nodded. “This is a big matter that could cause us to lose our heads, so how could this servant dare to be careless? This servant looked for the wife of this servant’s brother! She happens to be five months pregnant and has gotten several doctors to check her pulse. All of them said that it is a girl! Your Highness, just wait for the good news.”

The bed curtain was slowly lifted by Consort Rou’s jade-like hand, revealing her abdomen that seemed to be four months pregnant.

She had willowy eyebrows and almond-shaped eyes. Although her appearance could be considered gentle, she was nothing in this harem filled with beauties.

Moreover, the current Noble Consort Qiao could be considered the most beautiful.

No matter who stood beside Noble Consort Qiao, they would immediately be inferior to her.

Consort Rou’s tone was faint, but her gaze was decisive and ruthless.

“I’ve been lying low for so many months and trying to live under Qiao Yayu’s nose for so many years. It really hasn’t been easy. Now, I’m going to rely on this fake fetus to rise to power!”

The nanny cupped her hands in congratulations. “Your Highness’s ascension is just around the corner! Then, didn’t Noble Consort Qiao just win because she has given birth to a princess?! If Your Highness also gives birth to a little princess, you will be able to gain an even more noble status!”

Consort Rou smiled, clearly liking what she was hearing.

Although she had yet to achieve her goal, she seemed to have seen the light of hope.

Consort Rou’s eyes lit up, and she did not hide her ambition.

“That’s right. As long as it’s a girl, His Majesty won’t know that I had taken someone else’s child!”

The nanny was even happier.

If the daughter born by her younger brother’s wife was brought into the palace to be a princess…

Then, her status would definitely rise in the future!

At that time, there would be no need for her to serve others!

Perhaps Consort Rou could even make her a female official!

The nanny suddenly recalled something.

“It’s just that, Your Highness, for the past few months, you’ve used the excuse of having rashes on your body to avoid paying your respects to the noble consort. If this continues for a long time, I’m afraid that the noble consort will become suspicious.”

Consort Rou stroked her stomach and pondered. “What is the maximum pregnancy phase this medicine which you’ve gotten for me from outside the palace can make me look like?”

“You’ll have to ‘give birth’ in at most eight months. That’s why the baby girl I’ve found for Your Highness is now five months into the pregnancy. When she’s born, the imperial physician won’t be able to find any problems with the difference of a month!”

Consort Rou pondered and was a little worried.

Everyone knew that Noble Consort Qiao was a scheming and ruthless woman.

It was unrealistic to hide under her nose for eight months.

Moreover, to carry out the plan, she hadn’t paid her respects to Noble Consort Qiao for four months.

If this continued, she really wouldn’t be able to hide from the Noble Consort’s sharp eyes.

Consort Rou thought for a moment and made up her mind.

“In the next two days, I’ll confess to His Majesty. With His Majesty’s protection, Noble Consort Qiao probably won’t dare to do anything to me!”

The nanny hurriedly said, “Better an open enemy than a false friend, an open foe may prove a curse but a pretend friend is even worse. The Noble Consort is very shrewd, so I’m afraid she’ll play dirty.”

“Then I’m not afraid either! If I unfortunately ‘miscarry’, I can pin the blame on Noble Consort! I don’t believe that His Majesty, who likes daughters so much, won’t pursue Noble Consort’s crimes!”

Upon hearing this, the nanny also nodded.

That night, Consort Rou and the nanny had good dreams.