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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 531 - 531 That Fish Demon Calls Him Wolfie?

531 That Fish Demon Calls Him Wolfie?

After Gu Nuo’er finished speaking, she ignored Lord Cui, who was still frozen on the spot.

She tugged at Ye Siming’s hand. “Elder Brother Siming, let’s go home!”

Ye Siming nodded and led her away.

He was thinking that every time Gu Nuo’er said that she was going home, she actually meant for him to send her back to the palace.

Occasionally, when she wanted to visit, she would return to Bai Yi’s manor to stay for a night.

When would he be able to have his own manor and bring the little fellow over to stay for a while?

Ye Siming’s eyes were cold as he thought quietly.

How much did it cost to buy a manor?

Lord Cui watched helplessly as Marquis Yongye and the princess left.

He didn’t dare to stop them and plead for mercy. If he angered the Marquis Yongye, he would really have nowhere to plead for mercy.

The constables took Cui Yutong and the fake couple away. Lord Cui chased after them for two steps, but he did not dare to stop them.

After returning to the manor, he hurriedly called for the butler.

“Hurry up and grind some ink. I want to write a letter to Consort Rou in the palace.”

What happened today could not be hidden from His Majesty, who had spies everywhere.

Perhaps the little princess would not pursue the matter after giving out the punishment.

However, he could not stop His Majesty from protecting his beloved daughter. If the emperor had the thought of torturing Cui Yutong to death on a whim, it would be terrible!

Therefore, Lord Cui placed his hopes on his sister, Consort Rou.

He hoped that if she had the chance to see His Majesty in the palace, she would try to plead for mercy from the side.

He had to make a Hail Mary effort!

After Ye Siming sent Gu Nuo’er back to the palace, he returned to the Bai Manor.

He pushed open the courtyard door and saw Hu Ni sitting at the table, looking like he was going to doze off.

As if sensing the strong aura of a predator approaching, Hu Ni subconsciously woke up.

He turned around and saw Ye Siming looking down coldly with a sluggish expression. “What are you doing here?”

Hu Ni hurriedly stood up and respectfully handed over a letter with both hands.

“Brother Wolf, fish older sister asked me to give this to you.”

Ye Siming was removing his clothes when he heard this. He paused. “She was here?”

Hu Ni nodded repeatedly with the mentality of lying to the end.

“She heard that Brother Wolf was looking for her, so she left a letter. Brother, take your time to read it. I’ll take my leave first and not disturb your rest.”

As he spoke, Hu Ni slipped away!

He wasn’t going to stay here. What if Ye Siming discovered something and killed him on the spot?! What would he do?

Besides, the more he said, the more mistakes he would make. Fish older sister had said that he definitely must not make another foolish mistake a second time!

Before leaving, Hu Ni did not forget to close the door tightly.

Ye Siming slowly opened the envelope with his slender fingers.

He lowered his eyes and read the contents of the letter—

“Wolfie, there’s no need to think about the favor of me having saved your life. We’ll meet again if fate allows it. Don’t look for me.”

There were just a few sentences, but Ye Siming read the letter twice.

Suddenly, he sneered.

His dark and deep eyes were like there were terrifying waves seething in them.

Ye Siming brought the letter to his nose and sniffed it gently.

He did not recognize the handwriting, but the aura was somewhat familiar.

He knew Gu Nuo’er’s sweet fragrance very well.

He had been together with Gu Nuo’er the entire night.

So how did she leave her scent on this letter?

What kind of fish demon would call him wolfie?

Acting so familiar with him.

Ye Siming folded the letter and lit it on a burning candle.

He watched as the letter was burned up by the flames, turning into a pile of ashes on the table.

He crossed his arms and raised his eyebrows lazily. “Interesting.”

Late at night, in a certain hall in the palace, Consort Rou was about to fall asleep when her personal palace maid quickly entered from the outside.

The palace maid said something in a soft voice, and Consort Rou berated from inside the tent, “This niece of mine is too stupid! She even provoked the princess.”

With that, she waved her sleeve. “I don’t have the energy to care about their matters now. Let them bear with it for a while. It won’t be too late to take revenge after my plan is completed.”