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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 530 - 530 It's Only Fair To Have Father Against Father!

530 It’s Only Fair To Have Father Against Father!

When Gu Nuo’er heard her begging for mercy, the smile on her pink lips did not diminish. Her expression was still sweet and soft.

She rested her chin on her hand and said softly, “Young Miss Cui, I’ve already warned you about your dirty thoughts last time. I said that if you meet me again, I’ll definitely make things difficult for you! Do you think that Baby Nuo is a five-year-old and doesn’t keep my word?”

Cui Yutong was so frightened that she shrank back and cried even louder. “I don’t dare!”

“You don’t dare?” The child chuckled. “I think you’re very daring! Elder Sister Chudie works in my sweet shop. If you bully her, it’s the equivalent of you slapping my face!”

If she didn’t discipline her, wouldn’t Young Miss Cui become lawless?

Moreover, she even used the method of framing Ning Chudie.

Baby Nuo was going to ensure justice was served today!

She waved her hand. “Head constable uncle, according to the law, how should we deal with such a person who deliberately provokes trouble?”

“Your Highness, the person should be given 20 hard strokes of the paddle and fined 300 grams of silver.”

Cui Yutong trembled when she heard that.

“Her Highness! Don’t hit me. I beg you. I won’t be able to take it and will be beaten to death!” Her tears and snot flowed proficiently. She had long lost her previous image.

Gu Nuo’er touched her smooth little face and pondered. “Oh, it seems to be very painful to be hit hard. If I remember correctly, Older Sister Cui, you have not apologized to Elder Sister Chudie, have you?”

Cui Yutong hurriedly kowtowed in Ning Chudie’s direction. “Miss Ning, I was in the wrong previously. I deserve to die. I’m a scoundrel. Please help me persuade Her Highness. I don’t want to be beaten by the paddle.”

Ning Chudie clutched her clothes and bit her lower lip.

She was not going to help Cui Yutong plead for leniency because she remembered that the princess had said that protecting herself was the only way to not cause trouble for the princess.

Thus, Ning Chudie steeled her heart and averted her gaze.

Gu Nuo’er narrowed her eyes and said in a soft voice, “Since you’ve apologized, I’ll give you 20 light strokes of the paddle then!”

She had already gone easy on her to change from heavy strokes to light strokes of the paddle!

However, when Cui Yutong heard that she would still be flogged, she could not withstand the fear and fainted.

Seeing this, Gu Nuo’er’s heart did not soften. She waved her hand. “Constable uncles, take her away. Also, punish the two people over there who were bribed according to the law!”

She jumped off the bench and patted off the pastry crumbs that she had left on her earlier.

It was getting late, and she had to go back to the palace.

At this moment, a carriage rushed to the vicinity and Lord Cui came over in a hurry.

As soon as he saw Gu Nuo’er, he hurriedly bowed and greeted her. “Your Highness, I’ve heard about how my daughter offended you and specially came to apologize to you personally!”

As he spoke, Lord Cui realized that there were many commoners surrounding him.

He had a bad feeling.

Her Highness especially didn’t go to the government office and brought Cui Yutong here for interrogation.

Her goal was to let everyone see the consequences of bullying and framing someone!

But once this happened, Lord Cui’s reputation as an official would be tarnished!

Everyone would say that he did not teach his daughter well!

How was he going to rise to the top in the future then?

His face was pale. Sensing the whispers of the people around him, Lord Cui lowered his head in embarrassment.

Gu Nuo’er blinked and stretched out her small hand. Ye Siming obediently held it.

She said softly, “Uncle Cui, you don’t have to apologize for this. I’ve already dealt with your daughter according to the law.”

Lord Cui shuddered. “But…”

Before he could finish, the little one waved her hand, indicating for him to stop talking.

Gu Nuo’er’s expression was relaxed. “It was the Cui Family’s older sister who had provoked me, so I was just going by the book and punishing her. If you want to plead for leniency, you shouldn’t look for me. You should look for my father. After all, it’s only fair to have father against father!”

Lord Cui was stunned.

Have him look for Gu Yihan?

Even if he had 3,000 guts, he wouldn’t dare!