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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 528 - 528 Don't Meddle in This Matter, Otherwise, Even You Will Be Investigated

528 Don’t Meddle in This Matter, Otherwise, Even You Will Be Investigated

The man hesitated.

It was as if he was weighing whether revealing the name of the mastermind would bring him more terrifying consequences.

However, when he unintentionally raised his head, he saw a little girl standing in front of him. She had thin eyebrows and big eyes. She looked delicate and cute, and her eyes were filled with intelligence.

She looked very intelligent and not like someone easily fooled!

Besides, she was a princess!

Offending the princess was a crime for which one would be beheaded!

The man only hesitated for a moment before hurriedly saying, “It’s the Cui Family’s eldest young miss! The two of us are not husband and wife but we are working in the Cui Family’s manor. It’s only because of the Eldest Young Miss’s instructions that we came to cause trouble!”

Gu Nuo’er waved her feet leisurely as she kept her small hands behind her back. She pondered for a moment. “The Cui Family’s older sister? Uh, if you’re lying…”

She deliberately dragged out the last word, and a hint of warning appeared in her dark pearl-like eyes.

The man hurriedly said, “We wouldn’t dare! We definitely wouldn’t dare to lie in front of you again.”

Gu Nuo’er waved her hand. “Constable uncles, you heard that. Go and arrest her now. If the Cui Family resists, then take her away by force!”

Since Her Highness had spoken, the constables naturally agreed.

The head constable hurriedly asked, “Your Highness, do you want to follow this subordinate to the government office for the interrogation?”

“To the government office? I won’t go. Bring her here.” Gu Nuo’er’s voice was soft.

She wanted everyone around her to watch and not think of coming to look for trouble.

She was young, but she was not a pushover who could be bullied!

Gu Nuo’er raised her chin. “Hurry up and go. I’ll be waiting here.”

The constables hurriedly did as they were told, leaving three of them behind to watch over the fake couple who had just caused trouble.

Gu Nuo’er was sitting on the bench outside. Old Jiang was afraid that she would be thirsty, so he would bring her a cup of fruit drink from time to time.

Nanny Hu was afraid that Gu Nuo’er would be hungry, so there were constantly snacks in the child’s hands.

Ye Siming’s expression was cold as he stood on the right side of her like a guardian god.

At the same time, the head constable mobilized all the constables at the government office.

They rode their horses quickly to the Cui Manor.

When the servant at the door saw the constables coming menacingly, he blocked the door. “What are you trying to do? Don’t barge into our manor. Tell me why you’re here. I’ll report to our master first!”

When the head constable saw that the door watcher dared to stop him, he raised his sword and pushed him away. “We’re here on Her Highness’s orders to arrest a suspect. If you want to live, get lost!”

The door watcher staggered and fell to the ground.

He widened his eyes in horror as he watched the constables barge into the manor with mighty momentum.

Lord Cui was having dinner with Cui Yutong and her younger brother. When he heard the commotion at the door, he walked out with his children.

The butler also rushed over. Lord Cui frowned and looked at the constables who had barged into his house with unfriendly expressions!

“What audacity! Do you know that I’m a fourth-grade official of the imperial court? How dare you barge into my manor? Do you still have any respect for the law?”

Cui Yutong held Lord Cui’s arm and looked at the constables unhappily.

The head constable bowed with his hands cupped together, then said brazenly, “Lord Cui, we’re here on Her Highness’s orders to take Young Miss Cui away!”

The faces of the Cui Family turned pale.

Lord Cui was in disbelief. “May I ask what wrong did my daughter do to make Her Highness unhappy?”

Seeing that he finally showed fear, the head constable could not help but sneer inwardly.

“Two troublemakers came to Her Highness’s sweet shop just now. Now, they’re testifying that they were bribed and instigated by Young Miss Cui. Her Highness has ordered that Young Miss Cui must be brought over. Lord Cui, please don’t obstruct our investigation. Otherwise, you’ll be charged as well!”