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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 519 - 519 It's Not Easy to Disguise, Nuo'er Works Hard

519 It’s Not Easy to Disguise, Nuo’er Works Hard

In the darkest part of the dungeon in the palace.

The bright autumn sun could not shine in at all.

This place was filled with screams and pleas for mercy. Accompanied by the clanging of iron chains, it made the scalps of those who had never been here tingle.

Gu Yihan held a thick stick in his hand and was wearing casual clothes. The fake monk hanging on the rack in front of him was already on his last breath and was covered in blood.

Gu Yihan aimed at his waist twice. Then, he suddenly swung his stick.

There was a loud bang!

The wooden stick as thick as a baby’s arm was broken.

The fake monk also screamed and wailed. A moment later, he died.

Gu Yihan threw the broken stick on the ground.

Eunuch Chunshou handed over a warm and moist handkerchief at the right time. As Gu Yihan wiped his hands, he asked, “Are they all dead?”

“Yes. Apart from the two people His Majesty vented his anger on, Noble Consort Qiao had already dealt with the other four before you came.”

Gu Yihan wasn’t dissatisfied. He just raised his eyebrows. “The noble consort beat me to it again.”

Eunuch Chunshou smiled apologetically and said, “It’s also this group of fake monks’ fault for speaking without thinking. They actually agreed to that scoundrel, Song Quan, wanting to harm our little princess.”

At the mention of this matter again, Gu Yihan’s expression darkened, and his eyes burned with killing intent.

“That’s right. Wanting to send Nuo’er to Heavenly Mountain or lock her in an icehouse… These people really dare to think about it.”

Chunshou also clicked his tongue.

How heartless were these people?

He hurriedly said, “Fortunately, Song Quan has already been executed. His children are probably on their way to the bitter and cold border too.

Gu Yihan gave a reply, feeling satisfied.

He sneered. “Song Quan wanted to send Nuo’er to suffer in the cold, so I didn’t kill his children. I’ll also let him see clearly in the netherworld whose children will be suffering in the cold. I’ll let him understand how I felt at that time.”

With that, he threw away the handkerchief that was used to wipe his hands.

When he turned around to head out, he asked, “Has that low-ranking official from the Directorate of Astronomy been caught?”

“This servant has already informed the six ministries and the government offices. This servant believes that even if he escapes, there’s nowhere for him to escape to.”

Gu Yihan’s expression darkened. “Find him as soon as possible and tear him into pieces.”

Gu Yihan would not let go of anyone who tried to hurt Nuo’er.

Chunshou nodded in agreement.

In fact, he felt that it was strange. That low-ranking official seemed to have received some news in advance.

After Song Quan’s death, the guards went to raid his house and found that it was empty. As soon as they checked the city exit records, they realized that he had run away two days ago.

Could it be that someone had tipped him off?

Chunshou could not figure it out.

On this day, in the state school.

The light was clear for thousands of miles, and Gu Nuo’er felt sleepy under the warm autumn sun.

Yun Linzhou came to look for her during lunch break.

He smiled innocently with a hint of silliness. “Nuo’er, it’s the 15th tomorrow. Don’t forget to come to my house for dinner! My mother has prepared a lot of good things. You’ll definitely like them!”

Gu Nuo’er raised her long eyelashes lazily as if she wasn’t paying attention. Her big eyes were filled with exhaustion.

Yun Linzhou was stunned. “Nuo’er, why do you look like you didn’t sleep well?”

Uh, could she sleep well?

For the past two days, she had been thinking about how to deceive the sharp wolfie!

She was only five years old! Why was she under so much pressure?!

Gu Nuo’er waved her hand. “It’s fine. It’s autumn. Linzhou, what were you saying about the 15th just now?”

“To come to my house. Didn’t you promise me that you would come to my house to play?” Yun Linzhou grinned.

Gu Nuo’er suddenly straightened her body.

There was such a thing! She had almost forgotten!