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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 514 - 514 If You Don't Pay Me 50 Taels, I'll Come and Find Trouble Every Day

514 If You Don’t Pay Me 50 Taels, I’ll Come and Find Trouble Every Day

Qiao Xiuli and Ye Siming’s eyes met, looking like they were emitting sparks.

The two of them refused to give in to each other.

Gu Nuo’er looked around.

In the end, she took the initiative to twist her small body to get onto the ground and run towards Ye Siming.

She hugged Ye Siming’s leg and looked up, smiling sweetly.

The child waved the sugar figurine in her hand and took the initiative to hand it over. “Elder Brother Siming, I’ll let you try it!”

Ye Siming’s frozen eyes instantly melted a lot. He reached out to take the sugar figurine, but he bit the entire sugar figurine horizontally in his mouth.

Then, he bent down, picked up Gu Nuo’er, and turned to sit on the chair.

Immediately after, he placed her on his lap as well.

Qiao Xiuli frowned slightly.

Why did this Marquis Yongye feel inexplicably close to Nuo’er?

The child didn’t notice anything at all and only stared at the sugar figurine in Ye Siming’s mouth, afraid that he would finish it all!

“Leave a small piece for me!”

Ye Siming lowered his head and looked at Gu Nuo’er with his dark eyes, suppressing a smile on his thin lips. “You little thing whose heart is filled with candies.”

At this moment, Cui Yutong saw that Gu Nuo’er had already arrived.

She didn’t want to cause trouble when the princess was present.

However, when she saw Ning Chudie’s expression, she couldn’t take this lying down!

Moreover, Cui Yutong turned her head slightly and saw from the corner of her eye that Eldest Young Master Qiao was looking at Ning Chudie again!

What was there about this lousy accountant to see?

Cui Yutong was furious.

Ning Chudie handed a few bags of snacks to Cui Yutong with both hands.

“Miss, these are the sugar cakes you wanted. They have been wrapped up.”

Cui Yutong’s maidservant was about to reach out her hand, but Cui Yutong stopped her.

Then, she pretended to take it. Unexpectedly, just as Ning Chudie thought that she was holding it, Cui Yutong suddenly let go of her fingers!

The few packets of sugar cakes immediately fell to the ground.

Cui Yutong was surprised and immediately scolded angrily, “You’re such a clumsy lass! If you don’t want to do my business, just say it. How can I bring the pastries home to eat now that you’ve deliberately thrown them on the ground?”

Gu Nuo’er immediately looked over at Cui Yutong.

Ning Chudie quickly squatted down, picked up the pastries, and placed them on the accounting table to check.

As expected, the sugar cakes were all steamed. They’d break into pieces when they are dropped.

Looking at the pastries in the wax paper packages that had turned into a pile of crumbs, Ning Chudie said, feeling troubled, “Miss, don’t be angry. I’ll personally prepare a few packets of sugar cakes for you and pay for them out of my pocket. Will that work?”

Cui Yutong was unyielding. “What kind of attitude is this? You didn’t admit your mistake and think that compensation is enough?”

Ning Chudie quickly said, “I’m sorry. I was careless and didn’t hold onto the bags properly. Please forgive me.”

Cui Yutong crossed her arms and snorted coldly. “Is it over just because you’re sorry? How about this? I don’t want the sugar cakes anymore. I paid five taels just now. If you really admit your mistake, compensate me with 50 silver taels. Otherwise, I won’t let you off!”

50 taels!

Ning Chudie’s eyes widened.

Although the little princess paid her a high salary every month, 50 taels was an astronomical price for Ning Chudie!

Even Qiao Xiuli couldn’t help but frown. “Young lady, don’t go too far. Making things difficult for others isn’t considered a capability.”

Eldest Young Master Qiao was actually speaking up for this accountant?

Cui Yutong became even angrier. She glared at Ning Chudie fiercely. “Are you going to compensate me or not?! If you don’t pay me 50 taels, I’ll come and find trouble with you every day!”

Ning Chudie was so anxious that she was about to cry.

At this moment, a soft voice interrupted—

“Elder Sister Chudie, give her 50 taels of silver from the accounts then hurry up and send her away. She’s making so much noise that my ears hurt.”