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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 512 - 512 Our Young Master Is Asking You A Question

512 Our Young Master Is Asking You A Question

After a long while, the girl said, “Of course… it’s because I intentionally went to find out. I wonder if Eldest Young Master Qiao still remembers that one time when you went out on the streets, a girl gave you a flower.”

She pointed at herself, her eyes filled with hope as if she was waiting for Qiao Xiuli to recall.

Unexpectedly, someone as handsome as Qiao Xiuli only shook his head slightly. “I don’t remember such a small matter. I’ve disappointed you.”

After he said this, a hint of loneliness clearly flashed across the girl’s eyes.

“It doesn’t matter…” She opened her mouth and muttered to comfort herself.

In the blink of an eye, she smiled and said to Qiao Xiuli, “Cui Yutong. That’s my name. Young Master Qiao, you have to remember it well this time.”

Qiao Xiuli frowned slightly. He didn’t like being pestered.

He turned to look at Ning Chudie. “When is Nuo’er coming back?”

Ning Chudie was focused on settling the accounts and didn’t look up when she heard this.

She didn’t expect the jade-like Qiao Xiuli to take the initiative to talk to her.

Qiao Xiuli waited for a moment. The attendant beside him couldn’t help but say, “Miss Ning, our young master is asking you a question.”

Only then did Ning Chudie seem as if she had woken up from her dream. She looked up from the account book and even accidentally left a stain on her cheek with the brush in her hand.

She was flustered. “Young Master Qiao, what can I do for you?”

When Qiao Xiuli saw that she was in a sorry state, there was no displeasure in his eyes. He only asked again, “When will Nuo’er be back?”

“This… I don’t know either.” There was usually no fixed time for the little princess to come.

Ning Chudie looked at Ye Siming, who was sitting at the side with his eyes closed.

Marquis Yongye and the princess were like two inseparable people.

Why wasn’t the little princess here yet when Marquis Yongye was already here today?

Seeing that Ning Chudie really didn’t know, Qiao Xiuli sighed. He didn’t want to ask anymore and wanted to wait a little longer.

However, Ning Chudie didn’t seem to know that there were ink stains on her face. He reminded her kindly, “Miss Ning, your face…”

Ning Chudie was stunned and quickly reached out to touch her face. Her fingertips turned pitch-black.

She felt deeply embarrassed that she had embarrassed herself like this.

Therefore, she repeatedly thanked Qiao Xiuli before turning around and hurriedly going to the backyard to wash up.

A moment later, she returned with water dripping from her fair chin. She gently dabbed the water with her sleeve.

When Qiao Xiuli saw this, he felt that she wasn’t like ordinary young ladies who would strictly adhere to rules. He couldn’t help but think of how Gu Nuo’er looked when she was eating pastries.

At the thought of this, he smiled gently at Ning Chudie.

Qiao Xiuli was handsome and elegant. Even if he had a problem with her legs, he was still one of the noble young masters in the capital.

He was the dream lover of countless noble ladies in the capital.

Ning Chudie was young after all. She looked at Qiao Xiuli and her ears turned red.

Then, she lowered her head and started working on the accounts again, not daring to look at Qiao Xiuli anymore.

Qiao Xiuli didn’t take this matter to heart. He didn’t have any extra thoughts about Ning Chudie to begin with.

However, in Cui Yutong’s eyes, everything was different.

When she saw Qiao Xiuli smile, she immediately concluded that this accountant girl was delusional enough to seduce Eldest Young Master Qiao!

This girl had deliberately made a fool of herself in front of him and made him chuckle. She was really scheming!

Cui Yutong gritted her teeth. She brought two maidservants forward and slammed a silver ingot on the counter.

“Go. I want a portion of all the sugar cakes in your shop.”

Ning Chudie was stunned. She quickly took the money and nodded in agreement.

She turned around and called out, “Auntie Qu, there’s a guest…”

Before she could finish speaking, Cui Yutong emphasized, “Don’t you have hands of your own? There aren’t any other guests here now. I want you to wrap it up for me personally and send it over.”