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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 505 - 505 Your Majesty, Marquis Yongye's Has Entered the Palace with His Sword!

505 Your Majesty, Marquis Yongye’s Has Entered the Palace with His Sword!

Most of the Song Family soldiers quickly threw down their armor and knelt on the ground.

There was also a small number who fought to the end until they died.

They shouted that General Song was loyal and would never betray the emperor, let alone have any malicious intentions.

However, Eunuch Chunshou only listened with a mocking expression.

In order to target the little princess, General Song could even find monks and even bribe the officials of the Directorate of Astronomy to give the emperor a nightmare.

How could this be called not having malicious intentions?

Until death, they remained muddle-headed!

Eunuch Chunshou waved his horsetail whisk. “Clean up this place and keep an eye on those who surrender. Wait for His Majesty to give further orders!”

After saying that, he brought his men and hurriedly went to report the situation to the emperor.

At that moment, Gu Yihan was sitting opposite a few trusted officials in the imperial study.

He was giving some instruction on government affairs in a low voice. Chunshou came in from outside and bowed to report, “Your Majesty, according to your arrangements, the traitorous official who wanted to rebel has been killed by the arrows.”

Gu Yihan raised his eyebrows. “Oh? That’s a little faster than I thought. Did Song Quan say anything before he died?”

Chunshou recalled carefully. “He only called out for Your Majesty. From his expression, he probably wanted to plead for leniency.”

Gu Yihan clapped his hands and laughed, his expression extremely cold.

“Plead for mercy? This reckless thing.”

The officials present fell silent.

They had been discussing this matter just now.

Regarding the way Song Quan died, everyone felt that the emperor’s methods this time were not only a little more brilliant but also more tactful.

According to Gu Yihan’s previous personality, if he realized that the monks were fake and that Song Quan had deliberately arranged for them to come, Gu Yihan would definitely issue a decree to sentence him to death immediately.

However, this time, not only did the emperor not do this, but he also set up a trap and accused Song Quan of rebellion!

Not only did he manage to take away Song Quan’s military power while he was at it, but he even made Song Quan bear such a crime after he died!

No one was allowed to overturn the case and complain about the injustice! Otherwise, they would be equivalent to being accomplices to the rebellion!

These actions were equivalent to strangling Song Quan’s faction from the very beginning.

However, the officials didn’t know that this plan that gave Song Quan no chance to argue was proposed by Gu Nuo’er.

Gu Yihan knocked on the table with one finger. “Next, let’s deal with his family. Nuo’er doesn’t like me to be ruthless, so the servants in Song Quan’s manor…”

“Sell them all. His relatives within nine generations and his two children will be sent to the bitter cold border. They won’t be allowed to return to the capital for the rest of their lives.”

The officials quickly took Gu Yihan’s instructions down. As they drafted the memorial, they waited for the emperor to continue.

Someone asked, “Your Majesty, there are about 100 of Song Quan’s soldiers left. How should we arrange them?”

This was a problem.

Although these were all people who had already surrendered…

However, it was hard to guarantee that there wouldn’t be any people amongst them who’d deliberately surrender and lie low to take revenge for their old master.

While Gu Yihan was deep in thought, an imperial guard outside hurriedly came to report—

“Your Majesty! Marquis Yongye rode alone and entered the Vermillion Bird Gate with a sword. Your subordinates tried to stop him, but he claimed that he wanted to protect the princess and kill Song Quan!”

Gu Yihan was stunned for a moment before he suddenly laughed.

“Alright, Marquis Yongye is indeed a good seedling that I’ve taken a fancy to. No matter when it is, he takes the princess’s safety to heart. Come, summon him over!”


A moment later, Ye Siming quickened his pace and walked into the imperial study with a cold expression.

His thin eyes swept across and the officials present felt a sense of oppression.

Strange, why did they feel a little guilty when Marquis Yongye looked at them?

What did they have to feel guilty about?!

Gu Yihan stood up and walked to Ye Siming’s side. He patted his shoulder. “Marquis Yongye, tell me, what do you think Song Quan is here for?”