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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 504 - 504 The Royal Grace Is Vast, The Princess's Bestowal

504 The Royal Grace Is Vast, The Princess’s Bestowal

There was dead silence both inside and outside the Vermilion Bird Gate.

The number of imperial guards guarding the city gate did not increase. It was the same as usual.

When Song Quan approached the city gate with the ironclad cavalry army, the imperial guards frowned.

The few guards at the city gate were the first to raise their spears and block Song Quan’s advance.

The imperial guard’s voice was solemn. “General Song, you have to remove your armor to enter the imperial city! Please get your soldiers to retreat to the vicinity away from the imperial city!”

Song Quan sat high on the horse’s back, looking very arrogant.

“This general is under the emperor’s orders to bring troops to carry out orders!”

However, the imperial guards insisted, “We didn’t receive any instructions to bring General Song into the palace with soldiers. Please return!”

However, Song Quan had already arrived at the imperial city, so how could he return so easily?

He refused and only asked the imperial guards to quickly go and ask so as not to delay his work for the emperor.

At this moment, the two vermilion-colored gates of the Vermilion Bird Gate were slowly pulled open from the inside.

Eunuch Chunshou held a horsetail whisk alone with two young eunuchs following behind him. They stood there with fake smiles.

“General Song, you’re early. His Majesty has been waiting for you for a long time.”

Song Quan was originally a little puzzled, but when he saw Eunuch Chunshou, his doubts were dispelled.

After all, Chunshou was Gu Yihan’s main eunuch.

The fact that he was able to lead the way meant that the emperor had not gone back on his word.

Song Quan raised his chin and glanced at the two imperial guards who had stopped him just now.

“Why aren’t you guys moving aside? If I’m not a reasonable general, do you think the two of you can stop the armored cavalry?”

The expressions of the two imperial guards changed.

They only felt that Song Quan was extremely arrogant!

The two of them didn’t say a word and moved to the sides.

Song Quan waved his horsewhip and led the mighty soldiers into the imperial city through the Vermilion Bird Gate!

Just as they entered, a cold smile suddenly flashed across Eunuch Chunshou’s lips.

Then, he shouted in surprise, “Hurry up and inform His Majesty that General Song led his troops into the Vermilion Bird Gate and is plotting a rebellion!”

Almost at the same time, rows of imperial city guards with crossbows suddenly appeared on the towering city walls on both sides!

Their arrows were all aimed at the Song Family’s soldiers below!

As a cold arrow passed through with a whoosh, a commotion broke out as people and horses fell over.

A trap set up for Song Quan had finally begun!

Only then did Song Quan understand that he had been schemed against by the emperor!

Gu Yihan must have long suspected that those fake monks were related to him.

If he had waited till the investigations on the fake monks were done before convicting Song Quan, it would be slower and not enough for him to vent his hatred.

After all, Song Quan had long thought of a reason to argue his way out!

If the emperor wanted to forcefully sentence him to death, he would get a group of people to make a fuss on the streets and alleys!

They would accuse the current tyrant of being heartless!

However, Gu Yihan actually gave him a ruthless beating.

Song Quan wanted to use the emperor’s love for his daughter to chase the little princess away.

However, the emperor took advantage of Song Quan’s anxiety to achieve, which led to his negligence. He besieged Song Quan here, planning to kill him on the spot!

It was only at the last moment of his life that Song Quan understood!

Unfortunately, he had only suspected Han Zheng at that time. He didn’t expect that the emperor was deliberately “letting the tiger back to the mountain”!

How hateful!

Song Quan raised his arms and shouted, “Your Majesty—!”

Before Song Quan could say anything else, an arrow pierced through his chest.

Then, Song Quan fell heavily to the ground from the horse’s back with his eyes still open.

Eunuch Chunshou suddenly waved his hand, indicating for the archers to stop attacking.

The emperor had instructed them that the little princess had said not to kill the innocent.

Chunshou shouted, “The emperor’s grace is vast and mighty. With the princess’s bestowal, those who voluntarily disarm and surrender will not be killed. They will be deemed innocent!”