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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 503 - 503 Song Quan Wants to Send the Princess Away? Dream on

503 Song Quan Wants to Send the Princess Away? Dream on

Early the next morning.

Song Quan remembered Gu Yihan’s mission. He got up before dawn and checked on the troops.

The Song Family’s army had a total of 200 personal guards stationed in the capital. Today, they had all been gathered by Song Quan.

Other than taking the emperor’s orders seriously,

He was even more excited and was about to personally send Princess Yaoguang away!

This half-grown child had forced his eldest daughter to shave her head and become a nun!

How hateful!

He didn’t dare to touch the emperor’s reverse scale directly. In that case, if he were to play tricks like this, there would always be a way to send the little princess away!

After Song Quan checked the troops, he prepared to set off and enter the palace to pick up the princess.

Song Qiyuan couldn’t hold back his joy and planned to go with Song Quan.

However, Song Quan said, “You can wait at home. If this matter is done well, Father will speak a few more good words to the emperor. Perhaps the emperor will even reward you with an official position. You won’t have to be afraid that you won’t be able to raise your head in front of Marquis Yongye then.”

Song Qiyuan gritted his teeth and nodded. “Marquis Yongye once bullied me. After we deal with Princess Yaoguang, we can focus on dealing with Bai Yi and Ye Siming!”

Song Quan did not comment. He gave a few more instructions before leading the troops to pack up and set off.

The Song Family’s soldiers were all wearing armor and riding tall horses passed through the streets majestically in two rows.

It was rare for the surrounding commoners to see such a scene. They couldn’t help but be worried and puzzled. “What are they doing? Could it be that there’s going to be a war again?”

Bai Yi went out in the morning and planned to go to the little princess’s pastry shop early to queue up because Madam Bai wanted to eat her pastries.

However, he saw Song Quan leading many soldiers toward the palace.

He frowned in confusion. “What are they going to do?”

According to the palace rules, if there were more than a hundred soldiers who were not part of the imperial guards, they were not allowed to approach the palace without the emperor’s summons.

Otherwise, it would be equivalent to rebellion!

Bai Yi was worried that Song Quan would do something that would endanger the emperor’s safety.

He couldn’t be bothered with his errand and quickly turned around to return home.

He hurriedly changed his clothes. When Madam Bai saw this, she asked in confusion, “What are you doing?”

“I just saw Song Quan bringing all his troops to the palace. Everyone is wearing armor and has long sabers at their waist. I suspect that something is going to happen in the palace! At this moment, I have to protect the emperor!”

Ye Siming, who was eating slowly at the side, paused.

He suddenly stood up. “Song Quan?”

Bai Yi couldn’t be bothered to answer and only nodded. He picked up his red tassel spear and was about to get on the horse.

However, Ye Siming was faster than him and snatched his horse!

Bai Yi was stunned and scolded, “What are you doing?! Come down quickly. At this critical moment, I have to go and protect the palace!”

Ye Siming held the reins tightly with his long fingers. His long eyebrows were cold and his expression was cold. “I know what Song Quan wants to do. He wants to send Gu Nuo’er out of the palace.”

Bai Yi was stunned. “Then you have to come down even more. I’ll go persuade him!”

“There’s no need to persuade him.” Ye Siming touched the sword at his waist. “I’ll go kill him.”

“Nonsense! He has 200 soldiers with him!”

“I’ll kill them together.”

After saying that, Ye Siming pulled the reins.

The horse shot out like an arrow that left the bow and rushed out with a whoosh.

It almost knocked the attendant watching the door over.

Madam Bai was extremely worried. “Master, quickly follow him.”

Bai Yi was afraid that his wife would feel uneasy and quickly comforted her. “Don’t worry, he is very skilled in martial arts, so I don’t think that he’ll get injured.”

Unexpectedly, Madam Bai slapped his back.

“Do you think that this is what I’m anxious about?! I’m anxious that he’d kill everyone and that it’d be hard for him to explain things to the emperor. You muddle-head, hurry up and go! If anything happens to Siming, don’t come home!”