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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 500 - 500 The Handsome Emperor Father Takes Action

500 The Handsome Emperor Father Takes Action

During the early morning court the next day.

Gu Yihan seemed to be distracted as he listened to the officials report on their official duties.

When the court was dismissed, Gu Yihan had General Song Quan stay behind.

When the civil and military officials left the Jinluan Hall and only General Song was left, Gu Yihan looked up slowly.

His handsome and profound eyes looked at Song Quan quietly.

“Subject Song, how many years have you been an official?”

Song Quan didn’t expect the emperor to ask this question.

He was stunned for a moment before reporting, “Your Majesty, it’s been 14 years.”

Gu Yihan rested his head on his hand thoughtfully. “Is that so? It’s been so long. I vaguely remember that it’s only been seven to eight years since your father passed away?”

Song Quan nodded silently. “Yes, my father passed away seven years ago.”

Gu Yihan raised his head and sighed softly. “Eight years ago, I went to visit Pingyin Prefecture and was assassinated. It was your father who sacrificed himself to protect me and ended up with a serious illness.

“Later on, he became bedridden from illness. I went to see him once and saw that he could only lie on the bed. He probably would not be able to leave the bed for the rest of his life. I had asked him in private if he regretted it.

“However, he told me with tears in his eyes that having taken the salary to be an official, as a subject, if he can’t share the burden of the higher-ups, it will be considered a dereliction of duty.”

Song Quan didn’t say anything. He didn’t know why the emperor suddenly mentioned his deceased father.

However, when he thought of the time when his father was still alive, his eyes couldn’t help but tear up.

Gu Yihan tapped his fingertips on the table silently. “Song Quan, on account of your father, I’ve also pretended to be muddle-headed for all the mistakes you’ve committed in the past few years. I’ve let you off a few times.”

Song Quan was shocked. Although Gu Yihan’s tone was neither happy nor angry, it still made him break out in a cold sweat.

He quickly knelt down. “This subject will never forget Your Majesty’s grace.”

A hint of mockery flashed across Gu Yihan’s lowered eyes.

Never forget? To the extent that he went to bully his precious daughter?!

Gu Yihan restrained his expression and pretended to sigh.

“Therefore, at this point, I have a matter to hand to you. If you still can’t do it well, don’t blame me for disregarding Old General Song’s face.”

Song Quan hurriedly kowtowed. “Your Majesty, please instruct me!”

“A few days ago, I was plagued by nightmares and was worried that the princess would be troubled by the demon fox. Considering that the Heavenly Mountain that the monks suggested was too far away, I thought of a compromise after so many days.

“I plan to send the princess to the imperial mausoleum in the suburbs of the capital. Apart from letting her recuperate there, there’ll also be blessings from our ancestors. I believe that with the suppression of the dragon qi, the demon fox will leave on its own soon.”

Song Quan was stunned and a little hesitant.

Send the princess to the imperial mausoleum? Would he still have a chance to make a move then?

However, Gu Yihan didn’t give him a chance to think.

“I hope that you can lead the troops and escort the princess forward. To the outside world, we’ll only say that the princess needs to recuperate. Therefore, I only looked for you, someone I can trust, to do this. Can you take on this heavy responsibility?”

Song Quan only hesitated for a moment before gritting his teeth and saying, “This subject accepts the order! This subject won’t let Your Majesty down!”

He had to agree first!

At the very least, if the little princess was in the imperial mausoleum, he could make a move. It would be easier for him to get his way than if she were in the palace!

Gu Yihan pursed his lips calmly.

“In that case, go back and prepare. Remember not to reveal the truth to others. I’ll wait for you at the Vermillion Bird Gate tomorrow morning. Song Quan, don’t mess up this time. It won’t be good if you disappoint me.”

Song Quan agreed repeatedly.

After so many days, he thought that the emperor couldn’t bear to send the little princess away.

Unexpectedly, the emperor was still careless!

After Song Quan left, Gu Yihan’s eyes darkened.

He leaned against the throne, his thin lips revealing an extremely mocking smile.