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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 499 - 499 The Season Is Going to Change, It's So Cold!

499 The Season Is Going to Change, It’s So Cold!

Song Quan and Song Qiyuan looked at each other.

They all saw the deep suspicion and vigilance in each other’s eyes.

Song Quan took a deep breath. “Then… you were seen by the princess?”

Han Zheng lowered his head. “No, your humble servant’s qinggong is agile. I wasn’t discovered by Her Highness.”

Song Quan narrowed his eyes and looked at him. “Then did you see what the monks were doing? There hasn’t been any news for so long. What’s going on?”

Han Zheng’s throat rolled.

“The distance was a little far so this subordinate couldn’t see clearly. I only saw the people around His Majesty coming and going. Candle lamps were lit in the hall all night as if they were discussing something.”

So this group of monks didn’t arouse any suspicion?

Then why did the emperor not suppress the news?

Song Quan thought for a moment and put on a polite fake smile. He reached out and pulled Han Zheng up. “You’ve worked hard tonight. Yuan’er, bring him to the doctor in the manor to treat the injury on his leg.”

He gave Song Qiyuan a look.

The latter understood.

“Yes, Father, don’t worry.”

Song Qiyuan’s expression was tense as he walked out.

Han Zheng thanked Song Quan for his kindness and staggered out after Song Qiyuan.

In the middle of the night, light rain fell, bringing with it the light coldness of early autumn.

The back door of the Song Manor suddenly opened and a cart covered in straw mats was pushed out by a few servants.

“Did the young master instruct where we should drag this person to?”

“To the mass grave. Where else can it be?!”

“Aiyo, where is that? I’m very scared. This person died abnormally. Could it be a ghost?”

“Look at what you’re saying. Why are you scaring yourself?”

“You didn’t see it just now. When the young master took the opportunity when this person wasn’t paying attention and slashed at the back of his neck, a cold light flashed and the blade broke off!”

“Later on, he put up a tough struggle. Young Master got five to six of us to hold him down before he was hacked to death! If it wasn’t a ghost, what was that cold light?”

The other servant was also a little afraid when he heard this. “Don’t say this anymore. Hurry up and finish what the young master instructed us to do so that we can come back and sleep. The season is going to change. It’s really cold!”

The cart slowly pressed over the puddles.

A pale hand slid out from under the straw mat, and blood dripped from the tip of the fingertips.

Gu Nuo’er’s magic power could only protect him from harm once.

However, facing those evil people who wanted to take his life, it was clear what Han Zheng’s fate would be.

In this world, there were always people who may seem to have died silently.

The truth is, the heavens had seen everything.

Those who had done all kinds of evil deeds would bring about an earth-shattering end for themselves.

Song Qiyuan wiped the blood off his face and changed his clothes.

Only then did he go to the study to look for Song Quan.

“Father, Han Zheng has already been taken care of. It’s just that I don’t understand. Since he hasn’t been discovered, why do we still need to silence him?”

Song Quan leaned against the chair and narrowed his eyes calmly.

“You’re still young and not cautious enough. Don’t forget that the emperor and the little princess are smart people. Han Zheng thought that he hadn’t been discovered. What if?

“We can’t take any risks at all. Moreover, Han Zheng has already completed his mission. It’s enough as long as we find out that those monks aren’t suspected by the emperor. Therefore, it’s useless to keep him alive!”

Song Qiyuan nodded. He gritted his teeth and said angrily, “Father, if I can send Gu Nuo’er away directly this time, half of the hatred in my heart will be resolved!

“If I can take her life again with my own hands, I’ll be able to avenge Eldest Sister!”

Song Quan chuckled. “There’s no hurry. We have plenty of time. We’ll use the emperor’s love for the princess to kill her! Just wait and see.”