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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 498 - 498 Old Gu Family's Evil Smile

498 Old Gu Family’s Evil Smile

Gu Nuo’er ran to Gu Yihan’s side.

She tiptoed and whispered in her father’s ear for a while.

Gu Yihan’s listening expression changed from calm to surprise and finally to undisguised admiration.

He suddenly clapped and laughed. “As expected of Father’s Baby Nuo. You’re really quick-witted.”

Gu Nuo’er placed her hands on her hips and said righteously, “Of course. Even if you want him to pay the price, it has to be justifiable.

“Otherwise, what if big baddie Song argues that these people are slandering him?”

The father and daughter exchanged a glance.

The same old Gu Family’s evil smile lit up on their faces.

Gu Yihan got up and bent down to carry Gu Nuo’er in his arms.

He walked down the white jade stairs and arrived in front of the man in black.

Gu Yihan looked down condescendingly and said coldly, “You worked for Song Quan. You should have used your death to repent for your crimes.

“However, I’ve always been a reasonable person. Since Nuo’er has spoken up for you, I can spare your life.

“When you go back, you are free to tell Song Quan that you’ve already leaked the matter to me. However, it depends on whether you have the guts to do so.”

The man in black’s eyes was bloodshot and his entire body trembled.

He naturally didn’t dare to do so.

Telling Song Quan was equivalent to completely offending the emperor and the princess completely.

Since he had already chosen to tell the truth, he naturally had to hide it from Song Quan to the end.

However, this was also an absolutely dangerous act, like walking on the edge of a blade.

The man in black had followed Song Quan for four years and knew that Song Quan was a sinister and cunning person. He was also very ruthless.

Gu Yihan waved his hand. “Chunshou, let him go.”

Just as Gu Yihan was about to carry Gu Nuo’er away…

The man in black suddenly staggered and knelt on the ground again, kowtowing three times in Gu Nuo’er’s direction.

“Your Highness, this commoner’s name is Han Zheng. I live in Suliu Alley.”

Gu Nuo’er lay on Gu Yihan’s shoulder and fluttered her long eyelashes, listening to his seemingly random words.

However, the child was very smart and immediately understood.

This man in black knew that the current situation had become extremely troublesome.

He was afraid that he would die in Song Quan’s hands at any moment when he returned.

Telling Gu Nuo’er his address was also telling her—

The people he cared about were there.

He was left with no other choice but to choose the most harmless-looking little princess to trust.

Perhaps he also hoped that if anything happened to him, the princess could help his family out of kindness and avoid dying.

Gu Nuo’er pursed her lips and smiled sweetly, giving off a reliable feeling.

“Uncle Han Zheng~ Don’t worry, I’ll visit you again if there’s a chance!”

After saying that, Gu Yihan carried his daughter and left.

However, no one saw it.

Gu Nuo’er’s eyes were dark and blue light flowed out from her fingertips.

Bits of light drilled into Han Zheng’s heart.

A deathly aura filled the space between his eyebrows. She hoped that this could protect him one time~

Han Zheng staggered and rushed back to the Song Manor in the dark.

Blood was gushing out of the wound on his leg that had been torn open by the white tiger.

It made his face look even paler.

When Han Zheng staggered and fell in Song Quan’s study, he shocked Song Quan and Song Qiyuan, who were talking.

Song Quan frowned. “Han Zheng, did you… fail?”

Han Zheng endured the pain and hissed, “Your Excellency, please forgive this subordinate’s incompetence. After entering the palace, I was almost discovered by the imperial guards when I arrived outside the hall where the monks were resting.

“During my escape, I encountered the little princess who had released the white tiger. That’s why I was injured. In order not to alert the enemy, I had no choice but to give up on the operation.”