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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 495 - 495 Big Meow, You Can Do It, Bite Off His Butt!

495 Big Meow, You Can Do It, Bite Off His Butt!

It was late at night.

Gu Nuo’er was sent back to the palace with a round and full stomach.

However, when she returned to the Qiushui Palace, she heard Wanyin say to Noble Consort Qiao—

“The emperor has set up a trap and is waiting for the person behind it to fall into the trap. When this servant just came over, I heard from Eunuch Chunshou that a suspicious person had infiltrated the palace. I believe there will be results tonight.”

Noble Consort Qiao rested her head on her hand, her gaze leisurely, but her red lips spat out a sentence that could kill without spilling a drop of blood.

“When we catch him, let me participate in the interrogation too. If we don’t let him lose a layer of skin and have him only be left with his bones, it won’t be able to resolve the hatred in my heart!”

Nuo’er was a treasure she had painstakingly given birth to.

These stinky monks actually wanted to send her to such a cold place like Heavenly Mountain to suffer!

If not for the fact that Noble Consort Qiao still had her rationality, she would have long gone out for a massacre.

When Gu Nuo’er, who was hiding at the door, heard this, her big eyes immediately lit up with interest.

Oh, the baddie had entered the palace. As the protagonist, she had to go and meet him!

Hence, the child tiptoed and turned around, running far away.

The night breeze carried the coldness of early autumn and slowly layered up.

A man in black hiding in the corner narrowed his eyes and stared at the patrolling imperial guards in the distance walking by.

His goal was to infiltrate the hall that the imperial guards had just passed by.

The place had a few monks that their master had engaged, locked up.

However, in the past few days, he had not heard any news about the monks.

Moreover, the emperor didn’t bring up the matter of sending the little princess away again.

This made their master unable to sit still anymore.

They were just one step away from the plan. How could they abandon the plan just like that?

Therefore, they sent a spy to visit the palace at night, planning to inform the monks secretly.

It was also so that they could understand the situation.

The man in black waited for a moment and planned on going over after the imperial guards left.

The place he was hiding in now was extremely well-concealed

With the help of the dim lights and his excellent qinggong, no one noticed anything as he came along the way from the imperial city gate.

At this moment, he heard rustling sounds above his head.

The man in black looked up. His back was against the wall, but there was nothing on it.

He couldn’t help but frown, wondering if he had heard wrongly.

However, when he lowered his head, he heard a soft giggle.

On such an early autumn night, this giggle made his hair stand on end uncontrollably.

“Uncle, are you playing hide-and-seek~? You’re dressed in black, exactly the same as the person in the stories who is out to steal something!”

A childish voice sounded.

The man in black trembled.

He looked up and saw Gu Nuo’er lying on the top of the wall, smiling at him.

The child’s face was rosy and delicate, her black eyes watery.

She was curious and adorable.

The man in black didn’t expect to be discovered by a child first!

He hurriedly rushed to the ground with his qinggong, turned around, and ran quickly.

Gu Nuo’er rested on the wall and widened her eyes.

“Wow, he’s so fast, but~ big meow loves to race with people!”

As soon as she finished speaking, a white figure quickly chased after the man in black at the speed of lightning.

It even let out a low beast roar.

That’s right~

Gu Nuo’er had just let the big white tiger out for a walk.

The child rested on the top of the wall and placed her two small hands by her mouth. “Big meow, you can do it! Bite off his butt!”

The white tiger rampaged through the palace and this quickly alarmed the imperial guards.

As for the man in black, his stamina was further limited!

He jumped onto a roof and planned to escape.

After all, the white tiger wouldn’t be able to get up.

However, he did not expect that at this moment, the imperial guards who came out of nowhere would surround him with crossbows!

The operation had failed.