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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 494 - 494 To You, I'll Leave You An Intact Corpse

494 To You, I’ll Leave You An Intact Corpse

When Yun Linzhou heard this, a look of disgust flashed across his eyes.

“Serves them right for being chased out of the house. They actually don’t know how to find the reason for their consequences on themselves and are blaming Nuo’er instead.”

The guard said, “Before Young Master came, they were already begging for mercy, saying that as long as we let them off, they’re willing to do anything for us.”

Yun Linzhou sneered. “Do I need them?”

He had been lying low for so many years, fighting for power with the eldest son adopted by his father and mother.

He already had many spies planted in the capital.

Therefore, the moment the so-called flower thief appeared, Yun Linzhou received news from various sources.

The man who had been entrusted by Xie Liuhua and her mother had been wandering around Gu Nuo’er’s pastry shop many times.

Yun Liuzhou wouldn’t care if they were to bully Xie Yinxiang.

However, if they wanted to target Gu Nuo’er, Yun Linzhou would definitely make the person who made the move and the mastermind unable to live in the capital.

When the door opened, the afterglow of the setting sun shone behind Yun Linzhou.

It was as if the setting sun had brought him a blood-like cloak that was sprinkled with gold.

Qin Wenjing and Xie Liuhua were already in a sorry state because they had been on the streets for many days. Their clothes were covered in mud.

They saw someone escorting a young master over.

As his back was facing the light, they couldn’t see his face clearly.

Xie Liuhua couldn’t stand such a life anymore. She quickly bent down and kowtowed.

“Sir, Sirs, please let my mother and me off! As long as you don’t harm our lives, we’re willing to do anything!”

Qin Wenjing also quickly said, “When I was chased out by Xie Xingli, I still had 200 taels on me. I’ll give them all to you! Don’t kill us!”

Yun Linzhou stood in the dark where the lights and shadows intertwined. When he heard the two of them begging for mercy, he sneered.

The sneer was filled with mockery and contempt.

“If there’s only one thing I want you to do, and that’s to let you die, are you willing?”

Qin Wenjing and her daughter were shocked by the fear.

Xie Liuhua was stunned.

Why did this voice sound so familiar?!

She immediately asked in a panic, “Who exactly are you?”

Yun Linzhou smiled and walked out of the dark. “It’s me. Don’t you recognize me, Xie Liuhua? I still remember how you slandered me for stealing Nuo’er’s little white tiger.”

It was Prince Xuan’s heir!

Xie Liuhua fell to the ground and retreated in fear.

“No… Impossible… You’re clearly a fool!”

Yun Linzhou sneered. “It’s a pity that I’m not. I’ve disappointed you. But that’s true, with your idiotic personality, you won’t be able to tell if it’s real or fake.”

When Qin Wenjing heard this, she understood no matter how stupid she was!

This was a big shot that her daughter had offended!

It was no wonder they were locked up here and even got slapped a few times!

Qin Wenjing quickly hugged Yun Linzhou’s leg and cried non-stop, “Young Master, my daughter is insensible. I’ll make her slave for you. Please spare our lives!”

Yun Linzhou lowered his eyes and looked at them as if they were as lowly as ants.

He didn’t feel any sympathy for them at all.

“Xie Liuhua, I should thank you instead. If you hadn’t slandered me first, how would I have interacted with Nuo’er and realized that she was such an adorable person? Don’t worry, I’ll leave you an intact corpse.”

Qin Wenjing was shocked. “Young Master, I…”

Yun Linzhou lowered his head and smiled like a demon.

“Have a good trip, guys.”

After saying that, he raised his leg and flipped it over. Before Qin Wenjing could react, he stepped on her head.

Then, the white boot lightly pushed her head away!

Immediately, an agonizing scream sounded, and a few drops of blood stained Yun Linzhou’s shoes.

He frowned and stomped his feet.

He then turned around and went out. “Kill them. Clean this place up.”


The setting sun was like blood, and two fresh lives withered just like that.