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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 50 - This Isn't Ours    

Chapter 50: This Isn’t Ours

The commander of the imperial guards said with a cold expression, “An assassin was discovered in the palace and he fled all the way here before being captured. Now, we have to do things according to the rules. We have to be wary in case more assassins are hiding here. We need to search the bureau. Guys, do it!”

Under the commander’s order, the imperial guards formed three rows and started searching the Music Bureau.

The Music Bureau’s head eunuch explained with a smile, “Brothers, this must be a misunderstanding. Our Music Bureau is just a place to listen to music. We’re well-behaved, so how could we be harboring assassins?”

The commander of the imperial guards only glanced at him with a fierce and cold expression. “We’ll know after searching. You don’t have to waste your breath explaining.”

The head eunuch was unhappy, but he could only smile awkwardly.

He thought to himself why was this imperial guard being so proud?

It wasn’t like they harbored any assassins. Their attitude was terrible to be treating them as if they had been convicted even before the search had begun.

The head eunuch stopped talking and waited at the side with the other palace servants.

Not long later, the imperial guards who had gone to search returned. “Commander, we didn’t find anyone suspicious, but we found three to four longswords.”

As they spoke, they presented the swords with both hands.

The commander of the imperial guards frowned. He reached out to pick up a handful and sized them up.

The sword edges were sharp and had clearly been sharpened and polished.

The commander’s expression turned cold. He turned around and scolded angrily, “Who is the one hiding the swords? Don’t you know the palace rules? Unless it’s the imperial kitchen and the guards, no one is allowed to privately have swords or blades? This is a huge taboo. Hurry up and explain!”

The head eunuch’s body immediately stiffened. “Sir, we’re innocent. These aren’t ours. We’re just a Music Bureau and it’s impossible for us to have such sharp swords!”

The commander sneered. “These were found in the Music Bureau yet you still dare to find excuses? After bringing you guys back to the Punishment Bureau and putting you through a few punishments, you’ll definitely be willing to confess. Take them all away!”

When the nanny was caught by the two imperial guards, she immediately shouted in panic, “This isn’t ours. This belongs to that performer, Chen Miaoshuang!”

The imperial guards paused. The commander raised his hand and gestured for the nanny to be brought over for questioning.

“Chen Miaoshuang? Who is she?”

“Sir, she’s the Music Bureau’s new performer. She’s the only one who’s been secretly hiding her swords these past few days, waiting for His Majesty to come to listen to music and then to perform sword dances for him to see.”

The nanny was afraid to be brought to the Punishment Bureau to be punished. She turned around and scolded angrily, “Chen Miaoshuang, you little b*tch! Why aren’t you coming out to explain? Are you planning to let everyone suffer for you?!”

The commander looked to the side and saw a skinny and weak-looking woman hiding behind the door.

His gaze made her tremble. Not long later, she walked out unwillingly.

Chen Miaoshuang’s face was pale as she slowly knelt on the ground. “I… I asked someone to buy the swords from outside the palace, but I only use them after I’ve dulled them. It has nothing to do with the assassin!”

The commander didn’t pity her at all despite the display of her weakness. Instead, he questioned fiercely, “Don’t you know that it’s against the palace rules to hide swords and blades, not reporting them to the higher-ups? Take her away!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Miaoshuang was lifted from both sides.

Her knee was dragged along the ground by the imperial guards and the skin was quickly scraped off.

Chen Miaoshuang screamed and begged for mercy, but it was useless.

When she was dragged past the Qiushui Palace, she saw a bright yellow figure walking in.

Chen Miaoshuang seemed to have seen her savior and shouted, “Your Majesty! Please save this servant, Your Majesty!”

A few days ago, the emperor liked to watch her sword dance.

If the emperor pardoned her sin, she would be saved.

However, when Gu Yihan turned around, Chen Miaoshuang also saw…

Noble Consort Qiao carried the little princess and walked out gracefully.