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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 490 - 490 She'll Come During the Full Moon Every Month

490 She’ll Come During the Full Moon Every Month

“I… I took it myself,” the little fox explained with a trembling voice.

Ye Siming raised his fist and sneered. “With just you? You don’t even have enough 100 years worth of magic power. How did you split open the three-tailed demon fox and snatch its inner core? You’re really one to hold out hope until faced with the grim reality. Must I beat you up?”

The little fox covered his face in fear.

“Boohoo, Brother Wolf, I’ll tell you!”

The little fox was filled with regret.

He wanted to be honest with Ye Siming, but he had promised fish older sister that he couldn’t say it!

It was as a reward that the fish older sister peeled out the demon fox’s inner core and gave it to him.

As a fox, he could be perverted, but he definitely couldn’t go back on his word!

Not to mention that it was for such a beautiful fish older sister!

Lying, to the foxes, was part of their cunning nature.

The little fox only hesitated for a moment before thinking of an excuse.

“Brother Wolf, then I’ll tell you the truth. Actually, the fish beauty who saved us is an elder sister I acknowledged! I’d known her for a long time, so she came to save me that day since I had also fallen in. She was also the one who gave me the demon core.”

Ye Siming’s eyes darkened. “The two of you knew each other long ago?”

The little fox nodded quickly.

Ye Siming sneered. “Where does she usually cultivate? Bring me to her.”

The little fox’s heart trembled.

Why was this wolf so persistent?!

Why did he have to find the fish older sister?! Why didn’t he know that they were together every day?!

The little fox mud explained seriously, “I can’t bring you there because I can’t find her myself. Fish older sister has always been free and never revealed her whereabouts. Moreover, she has strong magic powers. She might have already flown elsewhere to continue helping others.”

Since he had already said so, this wolf would give up by now, right?!

“Is that so?” Ye Siming raised his eyebrows. His smile flickered with cold flames that burned fiercely in his eyes, revealing a dangerous aura.

“You just said that she appeared to save you. If I beat you until you’re on the verge of death, will she appear again? After all, you two have such a good relationship. Will she leave you in the lurch?”

After saying that, Ye Siming pushed out the hilt of the sword with his thumb, revealing a bone-chilling coldness.

The little fox’s expression immediately collapsed and he broke down, whimpering.

Why was this wolf so difficult to deal with?!

It was too difficult to deceive him!

“Don’t kill me!” In his desire to live, the little fox immediately thought of an excellent reason.

“I… I can tell you how to find her.”

Ye Siming looked at him coldly. “Speak.”

The little fox coughed lightly and said, “On the 15th of every month, when there’s a full moon, she’ll usually come to look for me. Therefore, you have to keep me alive. Otherwise, fish older sister might not come.”

Ye Siming pondered for a moment. “15th…”

It’d be the 15th in a few more days.

He quickly put away the sword and made a cold decision. “From now on, you’ll follow me. To the outside world, I’ll say that you’re my attendant. You’re not allowed to use your magic power in front of others, let alone scare Gu Nuo’er. You’re also not allowed to touch her either.”

The little fox let out a long sigh of relief.

He nodded silently and couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Speaking of which, why do you have to find fish older sister? Isn’t… isn’t this Gu Nuo’er good?”

Ye Siming looked at him coldly. “This isn’t something you should ask about.”

He wanted to confirm that Gu Nuo’er had nothing to do with the fish demon that night.

Ye Siming put away his sword and said, “From now on, think of a name for yourself to use in the mortal world.”

The little fox pondered for a moment. “I’ll… go with Hu Ni1 then.”

This was the name that the fish older sister had given him! Of course he had to treat it preciously.

Ye Siming sneered. “Sounds horrible.”