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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 479 - 479 Everyone, Take Action!

479 Everyone, Take Action!

Bai Yi was shocked.

How could Ye Siming reprimand the emperor in public like this?!

He quickly gave Ye Siming a look.

The latter completely ignored him.

Ye Siming stepped forward and cupped his hands. “Your Majesty, these so-called wandering monks are probably scammers from somewhere.

“Let me go and beat them up. They’ll probably change their words. The Heavenly Mountain is cold. The princess mustn’t go there.”

Moreover, who knew better than Ye Siming if the demon fox was dead or not?

He would kill every single one of these swindlers who came!

What were their intentions for sending Gu Nuo’er to Heavenly Mountain?

Gu Yihan’s eyes were deep and one couldn’t tell his emotions.

He didn’t say anything for a moment.

Bai Yi was afraid that Gu Yihan would get angry and quickly said, “Your Majesty, Marquis Yongye is still young and thus impulsive. Please forgive him!”

Ye Siming would never back off when it came to Gu Nuo’er.

He pursed his lips and said coldly, “You’re the young one.”

Bai Yi glared at him.

Why couldn’t this child differentiate between good and bad?! Was this the time for them to argue?!

At this moment, General Song Quan stood up.

“Your Majesty, please forgive this subject’s boldness. This subject has a suggestion. Since this group of wandering monks said that the demon fox is afraid of the cold, would we be able to achieve the same effect if we let the little princess stay in the icehouse for a while?”

As soon as he finished speaking, something hit his face heavily.

“Ahhh!” Song Quan covered the corners of his eyes.

He looked down and saw that the thing that had hit him was actually a token!

The words on it were clearly written: Marquis Yongye!

Ye Siming actually dared to throw something at him in public!

Song Quan was enraged. “Marquis Yongye! How can you be so unruly?!”

Ye Siming subconsciously touched the sword at his waist.

However, he had forgotten that before he came to the hall, he had already removed his sword and left it in the carriage.

Therefore, Ye Siming pointed at Song Quan.

“One more bad idea from you and I’ll rip your head off.”

Song Quan was furious and was about to retort.

However, Ye Siming suddenly stared at him coldly. “Try it if you don’t believe me.”

Song Quan actually felt a chill on his back.

He could only look at Gu Yihan.

“Your Majesty! This subject is just giving you my sincere advice. Marquis Yongye’s rudeness has really disappointed this subject!”

Gu Yihan chuckled.

Suddenly, he said without rhyme or reason, “That’s all for today. Let’s end the court session.”

Song Quan was stunned.

Weren’t they discussing the arrangements for the little princess?

The emperor was going to end the court session so soon? What was the outcome? Was he going to send the little princess away or not?

He wanted to ask more, but he held back.

If he was too anxious, he might expose himself.

After Ye Siming got off the court, he wanted to beat Song Quan up.

However, Bai Yi forcefully dragged him away.

That night, outside the palace where Guangxuan and the other wandering monks lived.

Two black shadows sneaked into the courtyard one after another.

When they landed on the roof together, both of them were stunned.

The fifth prince, Gu Zichen, was surprised. “Marquis Yongye, why are you here?”

Ye Siming frowned. “I’m here to kill the wild monks who are full of nonsense.”

Gu Zichen smiled. “What a coincidence. Me too.”

This group of people who came out of nowhere actually dared to slander Nuo’er.

They really deserved to die!

However, Ye Siming’s cold eyes swept around and he said indifferently, “There’s still someone in the courtyard.”

Gu Zichen’s heart skipped a beat. “Who?”

He followed Ye Siming’s gaze.

The first prince, Gu Zixiao, nimbly climbed over the wall and entered.

He had a thick stick at his waist and a sack on his back.

Their eldest brother was going to make a move too?

Ye Siming looked into the distance to his right. The second prince’s hidden guards were actually splashing oil.

They Were probably preparing to start a fire.

It seemed that everyone had come prepared tonight.