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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 477 - 477 There's No Meat, Monks Can Eat Them

477 There’s No Meat, Monks Can Eat Them

Many people knew that the Four Seasons Sweet Shop was opened by the princess. As a result, at this moment, there was a long queue outside the shop.

Gu Nuo’er tiptoed but couldn’t see the end.

Her appearance made everyone in the queue a little agitated.

Many of them had never really seen the little Princess Yaoguang.

She was the emperor’s precious treasure!

Immediately, the long queue started to squeeze.

When the people behind heard that the princess had come out of the shop, they inevitably craned their necks to take a look.

The people in front had to prevent themselves from being squeezed by the people behind.

After a while, people were stepping on each other’s feet and cursing.

A calm voice interrupted, “Benefactors, be careful with your words and actions, do take note of your propriety in speech.”

Although the voice was not loud, it was like a piece of ice falling into boiling water.

Everyone instantly looked at him.

“Stupid monk, if you’re not queuing up to buy pastries, don’t stand here and get in the way!”

The young monk in the kasaya robe had a calm expression.

“Amitabha. This poor monk is here to beg for alms. I don’t wish to disturb the benefactors from queuing up, so I can only wait here for a while.”

Everyone immediately laughed.

“This monk doesn’t look very smart. Can’t you just push your way through the crowd?! Why do you have to wait at the same spot? You’re so stubborn!”

“The monks nowadays are all liars! How many of them are real eminent monks? They’re all monks, who drink wine and eat meat, and also cheat people of their money!”

“That’s right. Look at his clothes. His sleeves are washed until they’re white. How can a monk be like this? It must be fake!”

The monk didn’t take everyone’s mockery to heart.

He only closed her eyes and silently fiddled with the prayer beads.

This was until a delicate voice sounded. “Monk older brother, this is for you!”

Kongjue was stunned and opened his eyes to look down.

A sweet-looking girl with watery eyes was standing in front of him, holding a plate of pastries.

Her facial features were lively and cute, exuding clarity and agility.

A person with such looks was filled with good fortune and good luck.

Gu Nuo’er held the plate and placed it on her head, tiptoeing.

“Monk older brother, quickly take it and eat it. Don’t worry, there’s no meat in these sweet pastries. Monks can eat them!”

There were a total of six snacks on the plate.

Their appearances looked like peach blossom pastries and there was a piece of candy in the middle that had already been roasted.

If one took a bite, their mouth would definitely be filled with sweetness.

Kongjue thought that since Shuyi and Shu’er are kids, they should like these too.

Therefore, he pressed his palms together and bowed slightly.

“Amitabha, thank you, benefactor, for the gift.”

He took out a clean handkerchief from his sleeve, planning to wrap up the pastries.

However, Gu Nuo’er waved her small hand. “It’s not good to use a handkerchief. Take the plate back! If it’s not enough, come again next time!”

After saying that, Gu Nuo’er handed the plate to him and turned to run into the shop, and went back to work.

Kongjue looked at her back view and his calm mood became a little emotional.

She knew how to show care for others at such a young age.

If she grew up, what kind of good person would she become?

At this moment, Kongjue’s pupils were stunned.

When Ye Siming saw that Gu Nuo’er hadn’t returned for a long time, he stood at the door and waited for her.

The child smiled and said something to Ye Siming. Ye Siming looked up in Kongjue’s direction.

In an instant, Kongjue felt a very strong evil demonic power.

However, Ye Siming only glanced at him calmly before pulling Gu Nuo’er into the shop.

Kongjue remained stunned on the spot.

Seeing that he was still not leaving, the person beside him urged, “Consider yourself lucky to have met the little princess! Don’t pretend to not admit it after receiving a benefit. Hurry up and leave. Don’t get in the way of our queue!”

Kongjue moved and turned to leave.

Before he left, he took a deep look at the Four Seasons Sweet Shop.