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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 472 - 472 Constable Uncle, It's Them! Hurry Up And Arrest Them!

472 Constable Uncle, It’s Them! Hurry Up And Arrest Them!

“What?!” Xie Xingli was shocked.

This time, he went to the government office in the suburbs of the capital to retrieve the relevant files regarding the case that had caused dozens of people to die or be injured.

Because it had been seven to eight years, it was a little difficult to organize all the documents.

However, since the emperor had instructed them to investigate thoroughly, they had to find the documents.

But now, because of the negligence of a constable from the government office, a case file had been destroyed!

What if that document happened to be related to important clues?

Although it was not his fault that Xie Xingli was not present, as the main responsible official, he would definitely be held accountable by the emperor!

What should he do?

He pressed his glabella anxiously and looked at Gu Nuo’er from the corner of his eye.

“Princess, please tell me where my eldest daughter went with that wild man! I didn’t mean to offend you today. Please forgive me!”

The little guy was no longer crying. She was twisting her little body and hugging Ye Siming’s neck with her little hands. She blinked her misty eyes and looked at Xie Xingli.

She said softly, “Uncle Xie, I think you must have misunderstood! Sister Yinxiang has always been with me.

“As for the wild man you’re talking about… Are you referring to playboy older brother, who is also Jiang Xiaoran? They went to buy a roast duck for me…”

With that, Gu Nuo’er looked up at Ye Siming with her bright eyes.

“Elder Brother Siming, it turns out that buying a roast duck for Baby Nuo will turn one into a wild man… I think playboy older brother will get angry!”

Xie Xingli was taken aback.

Jiang Xiaoran? The young marquis of the Jiang Family?

The Jiang Family’s old master had gained great merit. Even though he had already retired, he still had a certain amount of weight in the emperor’s heart.

Would his son get together with Xie Yinxiang in an indecent manner?

Xie Xingli finally had a trace of doubt.

Moreover, his eldest daughter had always been reserved.

How could she really do something like spend the night with a man?

He couldn’t help but look at Xie Liuhua, who had yet to recover from his shock.

There was a hint of suspicion and anger in Xie Xingli’s eyes.

As he had been hit by a rush of anger, he only listened to Qin Wenjing and Xie Liuhua.

He had forgotten to ask Xie Yinxiang what was going on first.

Xie Liuhua sensed his gaze and took a step back in panic. “Father! I didn’t lie! An old maid really saw Xie Yinxiang enter the inn with a man and didn’t come out the entire night!”

“Just based on this, you and your mother have already concluded that she did something shameful? You even called me back anxiously from the capital’s suburbs!” Lord Xie suppressed his anger and questioned.

Xie Liuhua didn’t say anything and lowered her head to bite her lip.

It was all that damn old woman’s fault!

In fact, the old maid had never seen Jiang Xiaoran before, so she naturally didn’t recognize him.

Gu Nuo’er fluttered her big eyes at the side and completely understood.

It was Xie Liuhua who had joined forces with her mother to bully Elder Sister Yinxiang again!

She actually wanted to accuse Elder Sister Yinxiang of having an affair with a man!

How vile!

Xiangsizhu’s waiter led a group of constables upstairs.

The head constable looked fierce. “Who’s causing trouble?!”

Gu Nuo’er immediately pointed at Xie Liuhua and Xie Xingli.

“Constable uncle, it’s them! Hurry up and arrest them!”

The waiter also nodded. “It’s this sir. He brought people to disturb the guests in the inn without any explanation! We would like the constables to help us!”

The head constable waved his hand. “Take them all away. We’ll talk about any grievances when we get back to the government office!”