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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 469 - 469 She Doesn't Care About Etiquette, Integrity, And Humiliation, So Why Would She Still Care To Live?!

469 She Doesn’t Care About Etiquette, Integrity, And Humiliation, So Why Would She Still Care To Live?!

Madam Xie immediately broke down in tears.

“Master, I’ve let you down. You trusted me so much and let me take care of the manor, but I didn’t watch over Yinxiang and let her make such a huge mistake!”

Xie Liuhua secretly glanced at her father from the corner of his eye. When Xie Xingli heard Madam Xie’s words, his expression changed and he became very nervous.

The mother and daughter originally wanted to wait for Xie Xingli to settle his work matters and had returned home before telling him.

However, Xie Liuhua was worried. What if Xie Yinxiang and that gigolo ran away?

How could she let go of such a good opportunity to catch them in the act?

Therefore, the mother and daughter decided to arrange for the servants to go to the government office in the capital’s suburbs to look for Xie Xingli, who was busy with work.

No matter what, they had to chase Xie Yinxiang out of the Xie Family today!

Xie Xingli didn’t even bother to drink water. “What exactly happened? Tell me clearly!”

Madam Xie covered her face as if she was too ashamed to say it.

The old maid beside her added, “Master! Eldest Young Miss left with a wild man. Madam sent someone to look for her and was chased back by her!

“Eldest Miss didn’t care about anything else and booked a room with that man at the inn. Madam really has no choice. The eldest young miss is so young, but she’s already so shameless! We had no choice but to call Master back to take charge of the situation!”

Madam Xie wiped her tears and said, “Master, although Yinxiang isn’t my child and I treated her strictly in the past, I’ve always treated her as a daughter of our Xie Family!

“If news of her doing such a shameless thing spreads, won’t Master be mocked in the bureaucracy? Moreover, it will affect Liuhua!”

Xie Xingli had already gone from shock to confusion and anger.

“Is this true? Did Yinxiang really go to the inn with someone?”

“It’s absolutely true!” The old maid said anxiously, “If Master were to bring people to Xiangsizhu to search, you’d definitely be able to see Eldest Miss still hanging out with that man!”

Xie Xingli’s face turned pale.

He thought for a moment with a dark expression and immediately instructed, “Prepare two carriages and bring me seven or eight servants. I want to see if Xie Yinxiang has done anything to humiliate the family!

“If it’s true, I’ll break her legs and take it that I don’t have this daughter anymore!”

Madam Xie pretended to tug at his sleeve. “Master, why don’t we wait for Yinxiang to come back first? If you bring men out to look for her like this, how will she be able to live in the future?”

The more Xie Xingli thought about it, the angrier he became. “Live? She doesn’t even care about etiquette, integrity, and humiliation, so why would she still care to live?!”

With that, he flicked his sleeves and walked out.

Madam Xie gave a look, and the old maid hurriedly followed to prepare the carriages.

Xie Liuhua pondered for a moment. “Mother, I’ll go with Father. This way, even if Father only sees Xie Yinxiang and that man staying in the same room, I have a way to make it sound like they did something.”

Madam Xie nodded.

Xie Yinxiang had always been a thorn in their hearts.

She had waited so long until the previous Madam Xie had finally died before she was raised up to the position of the main wife.

How could she tolerate the former First Madam’s child doing whatever she liked under her nose?

Xie Xingli led a group of servants and Xie Liuhua to the inn in the city.

At this moment, heavy rain poured down, dripping down the eaves of Xiangsizhu

Gu Nuo’er sat on the bed and swayed her little feet.

Her shoes and socks had just been taken off. Ye Siming sat on the footrest and was about to warm her feet.

Ye Siming frowned and pretended to reprimand her. “Isn’t it good for me to carry you? If you walk by yourself, you’ll step into puddles. It’s easy to catch a cold if your shoes are wet.”