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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 467 - 467 The Two of Them Only Got One Good Room!

467 The Two of Them Only Got One Good Room!

He carried a pile of things and pushed the door open.

Xie Yinxiang screamed in fear.

The two of them looked at each other and blushed.

Xie Yinxiang’s shoulder was half exposed. Her skin was fair, and the color of her underwear was abnormally obvious!

Jiang Xiaoran quickly turned around. “See no evil, see no evil. I didn’t see anything!”

Xie Yinxiang was extremely embarrassed. “Young Marquis, how can you come in without knocking?!”

“I didn’t know you were changing either. Why didn’t you lock the door?!”

“I was thinking of doing that later. I didn’t know that you would come back!”

Jiang Xiaoran raised the medicine bag in his hand. “I saw that your arm was grazed and bought you medicine. I even brought a set of clean clothes!”

After saying that, he waved the bag in his right hand.

Xie Yinxiang hesitated for a moment and her face turned red. “It’s getting late. Put the things on the table and go back to rest.”

Jiang Xiaoran narrowed his eyes and moved an inch. In the end, he placed the medicine bag and dress on the table and turned to leave.

He even almost knocked his head against the door frame.

Before closing the door, he closed his eyes again and reminded her, “Miss Xie, remember to lock the door!”

The door was closed tightly with a bang.

Xie Yinxiang exhaled.

Her heart was beating very fast and her face was burning.

Why was she seen by this l*cher?!

However, Xie Yinxiang looked at the clothes and medicine on the table.

She actually felt that Jiang Xiaoran wasn’t a bad person. He was just a bit of a playboy but he was very meticulous.

At least… she didn’t feel so disgusted by him anymore.

She should find an opportunity to thank him properly.

Late at night, the old maid returned to the Xie Manor.

When she arrived at Xie Liuhua’s room, Xie Liuhua was just about to go to sleep.

She sat by the bed and listened to the old maid whispering into her ear.

“This servant originally wanted to make a move, but she met a man halfway and they seemed to know each other. The two of them went to an inn while putting up a bit of a struggle!

“This servant waited for a long time. That young master went to buy a set of clothes and a bag of things before returning to the inn. He didn’t come out for a long time!”

Xie Liuhua was shocked. “Really? Are you sure? Xie Yinxiang entered the inn with a man?”

“It’s absolutely true! This servant even went to the inn’s waiter and asked around. The two of them only got one good room!”

Xie Liuhua pondered for a moment. A moment later, she laughed coquettishly, her gaze seeming to be tempered with poison.

“This Xie Yinxiang is really shameless. She usually pretends to be aloof, but it turns out that she actually uses such methods to seduce men behind their backs! She can even run off with a man on the streets. What does this show about her private life?”

The old maid echoed proudly, “That’s right. How is she in any way like a young lady like Second Miss? Second Miss, what should this servant do now?”

Xie Liuhua thought for a moment. “Don’t make a fuss first. Father will be back the day after tomorrow. When the time comes, I’ll tell Father to go and catch Xie Yinxiang at the scene!

“I’ll have Father take a good look at who his most obedient daughter is. Xie Yinxiang is completely shameless for doing this.”

If Lord Xie found out, Xie Yinxiang would probably really be chased out of the house!

She was just worrying about not having a chance to chase Xie Yinxiang away completely!

At the thought of how unlucky Xie Yinxiang was, Xie Liuhua couldn’t help but be happy.

She had a good sleep that night.

In Xiangsizhu Inn, Jiang Xiaoran waited in the hall until the lights in Xie Yinxiang’s room were off before he got up to leave.

Before he left, he even gave the waiter a silver ingot.

“Serve the girl who lives in the Heaven Room well for me. Don’t disturb her at night. Prepare breakfast for her tomorrow morning and send it up.”

The waiter quickly agreed. “Please be assured and leave it to me!”