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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 466 - 466 What Are You Doing? Let Go Of Me!

466 What Are You Doing? Let Go Of Me!

Xie Yinxiang was stunned. “Young Marquis Jiang, what do you mean by this? I can’t afford to compensate you for your clothes.”

When Jiang Xiaoran heard this, he laughed loudly. “Compensate? I have plenty of clothes. I’m not that tasteless to ask for compensation from a woman. You can just wear it!

“Otherwise, if you walk on the streets in disheveled clothes, not only will it be embarrassing, but you’ll also be the one suffering. I’ll give you the clothing.”

Xie Yinxiang pursed her lips and pulled the clothing tightly around her with her elegant fingers.

She still said in a soft voice, “Thank you.”

Jiang Xiaoran followed beside her. “What are you thanking me for? You’re the little princess’s friend, so you’re also my friend.

“My relationship with Siming isn’t just good. Moreover, the two of us are considered to have been through life and death together as well. Don’t you think so?”

Xie Yinxiang’s lips moved but she didn’t say anything.

Seeing that she was only focused on walking forward, Jiang Xiaoran couldn’t help but ask, “Don’t blame me for being nosy. It’s already so late and you’re alone. Where are you going?”

“I was chased out by my second mother at home and have nowhere to go tonight. I plan to stay in a dilapidated temple in the suburbs for the night. I’ll go back to seek justice after my father is done with his work and returns to the manor.”

Jiang Xiaoran was stunned. “You’re going to a dilapidated temple alone in this state? Do you know that at night, that place will be filled with beggars nearby? Wouldn’t it be dangerous for a girl like you?”

Xie Yinxiang pointed at the hairpin on her head. “I have a hairpin. It is very sharp and I can protect myself.”

However, Jiang Xiaoran seemed as if he had heard a joke.

“Young Miss Xie, should I say that you’re naive? You’re a weak lady. Even if you have a sharp weapon, can you win against four to five men?”

Xie Yinxiang didn’t say anything, but her red lips were pursed tightly and her long eyelashes drooped.

Through these few interactions, Jiang Xiaoran knew that Xie Yinxiang was a very unyielding and tenacious girl.

He grabbed Xie Yinxiang’s wrist and dragged her back.

Xie Yinxiang was shocked and quickly frowned in resistance. “What are you doing? Let go of me!”

Jiang Xiaoran didn’t even turn around and only said, “Since I’ve encountered this matter and am your friend, I can’t sit back and do nothing.

“I can’t interfere with your Xie Family’s family matters, but will I not be able to find a place for a young lady like you to stay? Come, I’ll bring you to get a good room to stay in. It’s better than you staying in some dilapidated temple.”

Xie Yinxiang was no match for his strength and could only be dragged by him.

Not long later, Jiang Xiaoran brought her to the largest inn in the capital—Xiangsizhu.

There were two spacious two-story buildings, one in front and one at the back. Many people were going in and out.

As soon as Jiang Xiaoran entered, he asked the waiter for a good room.

“Also, boil some hot water. This lady wants to take a bath.”

“Alright, please go upstairs!”

The room was elegantly decorated and smelled of sandalwood.

Xie Yinxiang relaxed a lot.

She turned around and looked at Jiang Xiaoran. “Young Marquis Jiang, thank you. When I return to the Xie Manor, I’ll return the money to you if I have the chance.”

Jiang Xiaoran walked to the window and opened it to look outside.

After confirming that no one would climb up from the window in the middle of the night when she was staying alone here as a young lady, he felt more at ease and closed the window.

He sneered. “Do you think I’ll care about that bit of money? Cut it out. Just stay here.”

After saying that, he opened the door and left.

After a while, the waiter brought in a bucket of hot water.

Xie Yinxiang closed the door and prepared to change and take a bath first.

However, just as she was undressing, Jiang Xiaoran, who had just left, returned!