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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 463 - 463 She's Not the Official Wife, But A Concubine Who Rose To Position!

463 She’s Not the Official Wife, But A Concubine Who Rose To Position!

Madam Xie wiped her tears. “What else can we do? He offended the emperor and the noble consort! This time, your uncle is really doomed!”

Xie Liuhua’s eyes darted around and she said, “Doesn’t Xie Yinxiang have a good relationship with the princess? Just let her beg the princess to plead with the emperor.

“If Xie Yinxiang can’t even do such a small thing, Mother shouldn’t keep her in the manor. Anyway, Father isn’t at home. When Father comes back, we’ll find an excuse and say that Xie Yinxiang committed a crime and was chased away by us!”

Madam Xie hesitated for a moment. “Will this… work?”

It was mainly because she knew Xie Yinxiang’s stubborn personality.

She would rather break her teeth and swallow them than give in a single time!

Would he really help her plead with the little princess?

However, Xie Liuhua said, “No matter what, Mother has to give it a try, right? The most important thing is to save Uncle. If Xie Yinxiang doesn’t agree…

“Then if we keep her in the manor, she’ll also be trouble for us! Mother should take out the disposition of the first madam and teach her a lesson! If she’s unwilling, chase her away!”

The more Xie Liuhua spoke, the more her hatred for Xie Yinxiang surged.

Previously, at school, she impersonated Gu Nuo’er, saying that she had saved the old man. In the end, she was plotted against by that painter.

Due to embarrassment and shame, she took a temporary break from school.

She originally thought that Xie Yinxiang could give her a way out and invite her to school with her.

However, she didn’t expect Xie Yinxiang to ignore her when she saw her at home!

Xie Yinxiang didn’t take her seriously at all.

Xie Liuhua might not be able to win against Gu Nuo’er, but could she not win against an orphaned daughter, Xie Yinxiang?

When Madam Xie heard her daughter’s suggestion, she felt that her words made sense.

Hence, she immediately called for a few old maids and nannies to go to Xie Yinxiang’s courtyard with her.

On a late summer night, Xie Yinxiang was watering small flowers in the flower bed.

She knew that Gu Nuo’er liked them, so she planned to nurture them well and give them to Gu Nuo’er after they bloomed.

Madam Xie barged into Xie Yinxiang’s courtyard with her servants.

Xie Yinxiang frowned and straightened up. “It’s already late at night. Why has Second Mother brought so many people to barge into my courtyard?”

Xie Yinxiang never called Madam Xie the first madam.

She would always address her as Second Mother.

Every time, she would remind Madam Xie that she wasn’t the main wife but a concubine who rose to position!

Madam Xie suppressed the anger in her heart and said with a fake smile, “I’m indeed disturbing your rest by coming so late. However, I see that you’re still awake, so I’m not considered to have come at an untimely moment.”

After saying that, Madam Xie went straight to the point and explained her intentions.

This was because she felt that Xie Yinxiang wouldn’t refuse.

Madam Xie said, “Haven’t you always valued the Xie Family’s reputation very much? After such a thing happened, our Xie Family became the laughingstock of the officials in the court.

“This is something you don’t want to see, right? Moreover, the little princess directly asked the emperor to punish your uncle and didn’t take your friendship seriously.

“Yinxiang, I might have done something wrong to you previously, but as long as you’re willing to plead with the princess this time, I’ll definitely compensate you well in the future. What do you think?”

Xie Yinxiang listened quietly and smiled perfunctorily.

She had a cold temperament and pursed her lips tightly.

“Second Mother, I think you’ve misunderstood. My biological mother has long passed away. She’s an only daughter. I don’t have an uncle at all.”

Xie Yinxiang said the last few words with stronger emphasis. Madam Xie’s expression changed.

She then heard Xie Yinxiang say, “Moreover, Third Zhang was the one who had committed the crimes first. He deserved it. Why should I plead for leniency for him? The princess is just getting rid of evil for the people. I’d be applauding and cheering. Why should I care about his life?”