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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 457 - 457 Could It Be That Elder Brother Siming Has Already Returned Home?

457 Could It Be That Elder Brother Siming Has Already Returned Home?

Ye Siming raised his eyebrows and didn’t say anything.

He looked at the man in front of him who was speaking. He wore a thoughtful gaze.

Ye Siming’s gaze was extremely oppressive, causing this Yaoxia general who was well-experienced on the battlefields to break out in a thin layer of cold sweat.

He explained, “We have spies in the Great Qi Palace. We don’t ask for much. We also know that you’ve been rewarded by the Great Qi Emperor and have become Marquis Yongye.

“Therefore, we only hope that you can save our soldiers who are trapped in the Great Qi Imperial Palace on account of the favors we’ve given in the past. We’ll definitely succeed if we work together from both the inside and outside.”

The soldiers the man was talking about were the captives Bai Yi had come back with back then.

Originally, they were doomed to die. However, under Gu Nuo’er’s persuasion, Gu Yihan arranged for these warriors who were all-powerful to clean up the feces buckets.

Ye Siming didn’t speak for a long time. He played with the sword hilt at his waist and asked lazily, “How many people do you have in total?”

The man thought that Ye Siming had agreed to his plan.

“There’s the four of us here. There are also eight lying in ambush in the forest near the capital’s suburbs, plus an insider from the palace. As long as you agree to the plan, we can set off now to discuss countermeasures.”

Ye Siming pursed his lips and exhaled deeply.

As if he was a little impatient, he looked up with his black eyes that seemed to be surging with undercurrents.

Suddenly, he smiled. “Alright, let’s go take a look then.”

They immediately led the way.

The man gave his compatriots beside him a look.

If Ye Siming refused to cooperate, they would kill him in the forest later!

This was to prevent future troubles.

Suddenly, Ye Siming asked casually, “What’s Yaoxia’s next step?”

“Start a war to wipe away our previous humiliation.”

Ye Siming nodded indifferently. “Interesting.”

Why did he remember that Gu Nuo’er hated people fighting and killing the most?

After leaving the restaurant, Ye Siming was led into an inconspicuous carriage.

He leaned against the wall of the carriage and looked around.

The soldiers of the Yaoxia Kingdom were squeezed to the left and right. Although they tried their best to hide it, there was a lingering vigilance in their eyes.

Ye Siming sneered softly.

Mortals had a saying of leading wolves into one’s house.

He wondered if they had heard of it before.

Suddenly, Ye Siming felt a sharp piercing pain in his head.

It was as if silver needles were stirring in his brain.

They were accompanied by the unbearable pain of the evil force impacting his pulse.

He gritted his teeth slightly and a thin layer of sweat appeared on his forehead.

Ever since he was injured by Jin Wen last time, he would often feel such pain.

In the Asura Realm, Ye Siming relied on killing demons to obtain their cores to strengthen his demonic power.

The more he killed, the more powerful he became.

Therefore, in the end, he bent one knee slightly and sat on a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood. He looked down at his “accomplishments” but felt bored.

However, how long had it been since he last fought?

He was the abyss itself, relying on absorbing dark demonic energies to stabilize the evil forces in his body.

However, after so long, Ye Siming never caused trouble again.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t keep feeling so uncomfortable after being injured by mere Buddhist powers.

He pressed his head, closed his eyes, and rested.

Not long after their carriage left, Gu Nuo’er’s carriage arrived.

She jumped and turned to say to the coachman, “Coachman uncle, wait for me here. I’ll go in and see my friend.”

The child walked in.

She looked around the lobby on the first floor and then went upstairs to look.

However, she didn’t see Ye Siming.

Could it be that Elder Brother Siming had already returned home?