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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 452 - 452 I Knew That You Were Doing Something Behind My Back

452 I Knew That You Were Doing Something Behind My Back

Gu Nuo’er was in the kitchen, having her hands behind her back as she watched Nanny Hu make the pastries.

She tiptoed and took a piece for herself to taste.

“Oh~ It’s so sweet!”

At this moment, she heard wailing voices coming from outside.

The child quickly ran to the front hall.

His mother stepped on Third Zhang’s back and twisted another person’s wrist tightly with her left hand.

There were injured burly men lying everywhere.

Noble Consort Qiao raised her beautiful eyes and instructed Ning Chudie, “Go and report this to the officials. Get them to arrest these villains.”

Third Zhang’s face was bruised and swollen. He endured the pain and shouted, “How dare you arrest me! My brother-in-law is the Court of Judicial Review’s Lord Xie!

“Who doesn’t know that the government office takes the same stand as the Court of Judicial Review? If you dare to report this to the officials, you’ll be the one who is dead!”

Noble Consort Qiao chuckled and said in a beautiful voice, “Oh? Is that so? Very good. Zhang Sui, go and invite Lord Xie over. Tell him that I hit his brother-in-law and see how he deals with it.”

Zhang Sui cupped his hands and agreed. He turned around and quickly left.

Gu Nuo’er blinked, her eyes filled with beauty.

“Mother, what’s going on here?”

Noble Consort Qiao looked at Gu Nuo’er. “Baby Nuo, don’t be afraid. Mother dealt with a few evil people who wanted to rob the shop. This Third Zhang here kept saying that everyone on this street is afraid of him.

“Everyone also has to pay money regularly to show respect to him. When Lord Xie comes, I’ll ask him who gave Third Zhang the confidence to do such evil.”

Gu Nuo’er placed her hands on her hips and puffed up her cheeks. “Mother, Baby Nuo supports you!”

Third Zhang struggled and wanted to resist, but Noble Consort Qiao gently kicked his head. “Behave yourself!”

Gu Nuo’er quickly covered her eyes with her small hands and peeked through her chubby fingers.

When Mother stepped on the baddie, she looked really valiant!

Ning Chudie arrived first with the officials from the nearby government office.

The moment the three or four constables entered, they saw Third Zhang lying on the ground.

The head constable exclaimed, “Old Master Zhang, why did you end up like this?”

Then, he glared at Noble Consort Qiao. “Don’t be so unreasonable. Let go of him first!”

Noble Consort Qiao raised her eyebrows and sneered. Her eyelashes fluttered, and a vicious aura suddenly arose.

“He broke into our shop with his men and said that he wanted us to pay him money. Otherwise, he will destroy the shop. Why didn’t you arrest such an evil person and ask me to let go of him instead?”

The constable immediately said evilly, “Who can prove that he wants to rob you guys? Who saw it? How can you slander others with just a few shop assistants?

“Let me tell you! If you don’t let him go, you’ll be seen to be looking for trouble and maliciously hurting others! Be careful that I’ll bring you back to the government office and put you in jail for a few days!

“Madam, you look so delicate and tender. You probably don’t want to enter a place like the dungeon either, right? Therefore, I advise you to be sensible! Release him!”

Noble Consort Qiao narrowed her eyes and was about to speak.

However, a reproach came from outside—

“Alright, Noble Consort. I knew that you were doing something behind my back. You’re extremely bold and presumptuous!”

Two teams of guards swarmed in.

Gu Yihan was handsome and was wearing casual clothes. He walked in with a handsome face.

He had originally sent someone to secretly keep an eye on the noble consort and see where she went.

After knowing that the noble consort had brought the little princess to the shop, Gu Yihan threw away the government affairs in his hands and immediately prepared a carriage to rush over.

How could he tolerate the noble consort getting close to his daughter alone?

However, when Gu Yihan saw the scene in the shop, he suddenly raised his long eyebrows—

“What is this here?”