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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 451 - 451 I'll Tell You Today Who Has the Final Say Here

451 I’ll Tell You Today Who Has the Final Say Here

Gu Nuo’er placed her hands on her hips proudly. “This is called ‘dotted red lips’. I had Nanny Hu cook it with snow pears, green plums, green tea, and rock sugar. Mother, it tastes good, right??”

Noble Consort Qiao nodded sincerely. “It’s sweet but not greasy. It’s refreshing and delicious, and the aftertaste is sweet. Baby Nuo, when we return to the Qiushui Palace, teach it to Wanyin and Wanxuan. Mother will let them make it every day.”

Unexpectedly, the child twisted her butt.

“That won’t do, Mother. This is our shop’s secret recipe! If you want to drink it, I’ll personally cook it for you in the future.”

After saying that, Gu Nuo’er suddenly thought of something. “That’s right, I’m going to remind Nanny Hu that I have to give Mother one with the most bean paste!”

She ran into the backyard.

Noble Consort Qiao smiled and took a look. “This child really looks like a shopkeeper.”

She sipped the fruit tea lightly and looked around.

The renovation of the shop was almost done and the furnishings were very exquisite and ingenious.

It was obvious that the people from the Ministry of Works had put in a lot of effort.

Just as Noble Consort Qiao was looking around, a few rough-looking burly men suddenly surged in from the door!

The person in the lead had a fierce expression.

“I’ve long heard that the person who bought Old Jiang’s shop is a young lady from a rich family. I want to see how much this young lady will pay for the land fees today!”

Noble Consort Qiao frowned slightly. When Old Jiang heard this, he stuck his head out and looked down.

His voice was old, but it was filled with anger. “Third Zhang, are you being reasonable?! This shop already belongs to someone else. Don’t come and cause trouble again!”

The rude person called Third Zhang looked up and immediately mocked.

“Yo, Old Jiang, you’re not dead yet? You’re really alive. Let me tell you, quickly take out the valuable things in your shop and offer them to me. Otherwise, I’ll smash your shop into pieces and make it impossible for you to open it!”

When Noble Consort Qiao heard this, although her expression didn’t change, she placed the teacup in her hand heavily on the low table at the side.

Nuo’er had put a lot of effort into this small shop.

But these people wanted to smash it just like that?

How bold of them.

Following this sound, the group of people who came to cause trouble turned to look.

A shifty-looking man behind Third Zhang immediately chuckled and went forward to push him.

“Boss, there’s a beauty!”

Third Zhang had never seen such a beautiful married woman before.

Her every move was filled with elegance.

Her beautiful and proud eyes revealed a sense of superiority.

She was like a peony beauty that could only be seen from afar!

Third Zhang rubbed his hands and took a few steps closer. “Madam, are you here alone? What do you want to buy? I’ll get them to give it to you for free.”

Noble Consort Qiao’s red lips curled up and she smiled gently.

“Do you have the final say here?”

Third Zhang was immediately filled with confidence. “Of course. This shop was opened by Old Jiang in the past. You can ask him if I’ll cause trouble if they don’t pay! No one on this street is my match!”

After saying that, he smiled again with a l*wd gaze.

“I’ll get them to give you things for free. Shall we be friends?”

On the other side, Ning Chudie wanted to quietly report to the officials while they weren’t paying attention.

However, when Third Zhang saw this from the corner of his eye, he immediately roared, “Stop her! Little b*tch, where are you thinking of going?”

Ning Chudie was shocked and quickly hid behind the counter.

These unreasonable troublemakers were about to go forward to catch Ning Chudie.

Suddenly, a violent sound of teacup shattering sounded, accompanied by Third Zhang’s scream.

“Ah! My head! Hss, this b*tch actually hit me with a teacup!”

Blood flowed from Third Zhang’s forehead.

Noble Consort Qiao stood up and shook the tea off her red cardamom fingertips.

Her lips curled, her smile sharp and cold. “I’ll tell you today who has the final say here.”