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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 448 - 448 What Did Mother Tell Father?

448 What Did Mother Tell Father?

Gu Nuo’er went out to play with her friends, but in the end, she accidentally destroyed the karst cave where the demon fox was suppressed and obtained a piece of soft fox fur as a scarf. Gu Yihan found out about this.

He immediately clapped his hands and laughed. “The entire world is like an inexhaustible treasure cave to Baby Nuo. My daughter is indeed a blessing from the heavens!”

After that, Gu Yihan ordered some young talents in the world to compose hundreds of poems about this matter and spread them to the people.

Toward the end of summer, the renovations for Gu Nuo’er’s shop were almost done.

The fifth prince, Gu Zichen, personally supervised the work and led the officials from the Ministry of Works to modify the shop according to his sister’s idea.

As soon as one entered, the first thing they would see was two folding screens with Chang’e running to the moon1 and a small rabbit carrying a lantern.

After walking around the screen, one could see shelves around them with a dazzling array of new pastries.

The next day, these pastries would be thrown away and a batch of freshly baked ones would be put up.

Further ahead was the cashier.

On the left was a small flight of stairs. If one went up, one would reach the second floor.

Gu Zichen knew that Gu Nuo’er wanted to set up a few small tables here for the people who came to buy pastries to rest for a while and sit down to chat.

Therefore, he and the people from the Ministry of Works specially expanded the space on the second floor.

They cleared out the cabinets and other things that were not required.

In the end, the second floor was much more spacious and could accommodate seven small round tables.

Each table could seat three to four people.

Over the past few days, Old Jiang had made many round lanterns and was asked by Gu Nuo’er to hang them on the beam.

The hanging red lanterns swayed in the wind, looking very beautiful.

Noble Consort Qiao had long heard that her dear daughter was busy with her small shop.

She went to the emperor very early in the morning to ask for his permission, saying that she wanted to go back and visit her parents. As she didn’t want to disturb others, she wanted to keep a low profile and not make a big fuss.

Gu Yihan had his head buried in looking through memorials at that point. When he heard this, he looked up. “Nuo’er will be going with you?”

Noble Consort Qiao smiled and said, “Nuo’er is busy running around the state school all day and is in a phase where she likes to learn. Your consort won’t tire her and have her go around with me. Anyway, your consort will only be going for a day and will be back at night.”

Only then did Gu Yihan lower his head and draw a red mark on the memorial.

It was fine as long as his daughter wasn’t going!

Otherwise, he would go too!

Otherwise, how could he allow the noble consort to spend time alone with his daughter and not bring him along?

“Go on. I’ve approved it. Give my regards to the Grace Defender Duke.”

After saying that, Gu Yihan asked Eunuch Chunshou to send some rewards and asked the noble consort to bring them back.

After Noble Consort Qiao thanked the emperor, she left these imperial gifts in the Qiushui Palace and didn’t bring them with her.

She had changed into casual clothes and didn’t have her hair tied up like usual. Instead, she put up her hair in a high hairstyle with a few accessories.

Even so, it couldn’t hide her beautiful expression.

Noble Consort Qiao was helped into the carriage by Wanyin and Wanxuan.

A small figure was already waiting in the car.

“Mother!” Gu Nuo’er had her hair tied into twin buns and was dressed like a precious blue pearl. She immediately pounced into Noble Consort Qiao’s arms.

Noble Consort Qiao hugged her and smiled charmingly. “Baby Nuo, His Majesty has already agreed. Let’s set off now.”

Gu Nuo’er raised her head, her crystal clear eyes filled with a pure and childish expression.

“What did Mother tell Father?”

“Mother said that she wanted to go back alone to visit your grandfather, so His Majesty agreed.”

Noble Consort Qiao carried Gu Nuo’er in her arms. “If I were to tell the emperor the truth, he would definitely come along. However, Baby Nuo, you know the emperor’s temper.

“Mother only wants to cover up and go take a look at your small shop. I won’t tell His Majesty this time. I’ll let him go by himself another day.”