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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 45 - The Two of You Are Muddle-Headed!  

Chapter 45: The Two of You Are Muddle-Headed!

At this moment, in the outer hall of Qiushui Palace.

Noble Consort Qiao leaned against the soft back of the chair and looked at Wanyin and Wanxuan, who were kneeling in front of her.

Her voice was very soft as if she was afraid of disturbing her daughter’s rest in the inner room.

However, she wasn’t lacking in dignity. Her phoenix-like eyes swept over, looking disdainful and domineering.

“Speak up. What Nuo’er said today was definitely not a coincidence. Which one of you talked nonsense in front of her?”

Wanyin and Wanxuan looked at each other and bit their lower lips.

Wanxuan could only kowtow and confess, “Your Highness, please punish this servant. This servant has spoken too much! A few days ago, this servant heard from outside that…

“Recently, there was a performer in the Music Bureau whose surname was Chen and who has been trying to curry favor with the emperor. Everyone around her bragged that her sword dance was extremely beautiful.

“This servant felt really angry. Who in the palace doesn’t know that before our noble consort gave birth to the little princess, the sword dance she performed was the most beautiful?!

“How dare a mere performer like her compare to Her Highness? Was she worthy? This servant was only angry and muttered a few words to Wanyin.

“But I forgot that the princess was playing with the fabric tiger at the side then. I think she must have overheard it then.”

Noble Consort Qiao rubbed her glabella. “The two of you are muddle-headed! Although Nuo’er is young, she’s very intelligent and quick-witted.

“What she said today was actually interfering with who the emperor wishes to dote on. However, the emperor loved his daughter as much as his life, so he naturally wouldn’t mind.

“However, the two of you shouldn’t talk too much in front of Nuo’er! There won’t be a next time, understand?

“What is a mere performer from the Music Bureau? To think that Wanxuan you’re being wary just from this? If I see her, I won’t even give her a proper look.

“From the past until now, His Majesty has liked and doted on many people, but no one received his love for long. Why must I take action? Do you understand?”

Wanxuan and Wanyin quickly replied, “This servant knows her mistake.”

Wanyin took the initiative to go up and massage Noble Consort Qiao’s thin calf. “Your Highness, then again, the little princess is really biased towards you.

“She can’t bear to see you suffer any grievances and doesn’t want you to be treated coldly by His Majesty. Your Highness is really lucky. Many people in the palace are envious of you.”

Noble Consort Qiao thought of how obedient and sensible her daughter was and her red lips subconsciously blossomed into a gentle smile.

“That’s right.” She lowered her head and felt a little emotional. “Nuo’er has been very obedient since she could remember things. She’s willing to discuss everything with me.

“She has her temper, but she has never been domineering and spoiled. It’s indeed my fortune to have a daughter like her.”

With a daughter like this, what else could she ask for in this life?

At this moment, Gu Nuo’er, who was sleeping soundly in the inner room, turned over.

As if she had dreamed of something delicious, she pouted and blew a bubble.

She grabbed out with her chubby hands and then let out some moans before continuing to go into a deep sleep.

At this moment, in the palace’s Music Bureau.

That performer surnamed Chen and called Chen Miaoshuang was still wearing chiffon clothing and waiting in the corridors.

She had elegant brows and beautiful eyes. However, when compared to Noble Consort Qiao’s beauty, she looked like a daughter from a humble family.

Just like the most inconspicuous yellow flower by the roadside.

Chen Miaoshuang waited for a long time, but the emperor didn’t come.

She couldn’t help but frown.

The emperor had enjoyed watching her sword dance for the past two days, and she was soon going to get into His Majesty’s bed to become a consort.

Why did the emperor not come today?

A senior maid from the Music Bureau came out to get hot water when she saw that Chen Miaoshuang was still standing at the door waiting bitterly.

She sneered to herself and said, “Miaoshuang, don’t wait anymore. His Majesty might have already forgotten about you.

“There are so many beauties in the palace, how could the emperor be able to see them all?

“You might as well wait on the palace path! That way, the emperor will definitely be able to see you when he passes by.”