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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 433 - 433 Little Foxy, Don't Run!

433 Little Foxy, Don’t Run!

The buns on Gu Nuo’er’s head shook.

The pink and white flesh on her cheeks also moved.

As Gu Nuo’er ran, the fireflies in the bushes flapped their wings and flew up.

Groups of fireflies seemed to have suddenly woven a colorful net.

Gu Nuo’er chased after the fireflies. Suddenly, she lost her balance and fell into the flowers.

The flower bushes were tall. The moment Gu Nuo’er fell, her entire small body disappeared!

Ye Siming frowned and Xie Yinxiang quickly shouted, “Nuo’er! Are you alright?”

Just as Ye Siming was about to walk over to check on the situation, Gu Nuo’er’s small head popped out from the flower bushes.

A few purple flowers fell from her black hair. The child smiled innocently without any signs of crying from the fall.

Gu Nuo’er stood up and wiped the sweat off her forehead with her fair hand.

She called out softly, “Elder Brother Siming, come and play too! This place is really too beautiful!”

Seeing that Gu Nuo’er was having so much fun, Xie Yinxiang also lifted the hems of her dress and walked over.

Jiang Xiaoran smiled brightly. “Let’s go, Siming. Let’s also have a good run around. It’s a pity that we didn’t come on horses today. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be beautiful to have horses’ hooves trampling on the flowers here, sending them flying?”

However, Ye Siming kept looking at Gu Nuo’er, who was gradually running further away.

The little thing was running so fast that she was going to be out of sight soon.

Therefore, Ye Siming said to Jiang Xiaoran, “You can run slowly. Don’t be anxious even if you can’t catch up.”

After saying that, he flew away like a gust of wind with his qinggong.

Jiang Xiaoran watched in a daze for a while.

“Siming! Are you afraid of losing?! Why are you using qinggong?!”

When Gu Nuo’er was tired from running, she collapsed and lay in the bushes, counting the stars one by one.

Her skin was fair and her face was rosy from running.

“The mortal world~ is so good~” Gu Nuo’er rested her head on her two small arms comfortably and shook her small feet happily from side to side.

She narrowed her eyes like a pair of black pearls.

At this moment, the bushes beside Gu Nuo’er suddenly rustled.

“Mmm?” The child propped herself up.

In the bushes not far away, there was a little fox with smooth fur and big black eyes!

The little fox sat there obediently and looked at Gu Nuo’er with a harmless gaze.

It looked like it was sizing her up curiously, its big tail covered its two cute front claws.

“It’s a little foxy!” Gu Nuo’er’s eyes immediately lit up.

The little red fox tensed up.

It was a fox, not a foxy!

Forget it, it was more important to get down to business. Before that vicious wolf came over!

Gu Nuo’er saw the little fox approach tentatively and gently touch Gu Nuo’er’s small shoes with its paws.

Then, the fox sat obediently in front of her. Its two cute ears trembled and its big eyes were bright as if it was asking to be stroked.

Gu Nuo’er immediately whimpered, “So cute!”

She reached out her small hand and was about to stroke the little fox.

Unexpectedly, the little fox reacted even faster and turned to run deeper into the flowers.

Gu Nuo’er quickly stood up and chased after it.

“Little Foxy, don’t run!”

After chasing for an unknown distance, she suddenly saw a faint dim light in the grass not far away.

Gu Nuo’er stopped in her tracks and turned to look curiously.

She seemed to have accidentally seen a Buddhist seal just now.

However, how could there be such a thing in such an empty and spacious place?

The child could not help but be curious and walked over.

The little red fox ran for a while before turning around to realize that Gu Nuo’er hadn’t followed it.

It took a closer look and immediately shouted, “Don’t go that way! Do you want to die?!”

However, Gu Nuo’er had already walked far away and didn’t hear anything.